How To Eat Sunshine. Top Up Your Vit D With These Recipes.

by Tefal Team on 14 November 2019
  • It’s official, the government say we need a vitamin D boost. But what’s the deal? Why do we need it and how do we get it? *Puts on best cop show voice* “We need answers here people!”. Coming up ‘guv’ and some tasty treats too.

  • Why do we need a boost?

    Our bodies make our own vitamin D in the sunshine. So why do we need a top-up? Well, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice – the UK turns into a dark, damp pit of drizzly misery during winter. No sun, no vitamin D. But even if it does make an appearance, between September and April the winter sun is too low in the sky to have an effect.

    In the good ol’ days, us Brits used to get enough sunshine in the summer to carry us through. Cut to modern-day and we’re basically a population of vampire couch potatoes. Too much time indoors = no sunshine. Also, when we do go out, we cover ourselves in suncream which blocks the sun and stops the vit d making process. Yikes.

  • How do I get that vit?

    Fortunately, you can get some extra vitamin D without having to emigrate to Australia. A vitamin tablet is one answer, but they’re (a) boring and (b) easy to forget. The other way to get some extra is to eat foods that have it. Ideally ones that aren’t boring either. Like the rather brilliant ones we’ve rounded up for you, below.

  • Sunny side up?

    Good news for egg fans, they are a great source of vitamin D. Good news for kipper fans, oily fish are also a vit D bonanza. Awesome news for everyone, we’ve got a banging breakfast recipe that combines them both, plus some zesty horseradish mayo and potato farls too. You don’t need vitamins as an excuse to give that a go.

    Bonus points available to the first person who adapts the recipe to be made in our amazing Toast N’ Egg machine.

  • Liver little

    Okay, liver and mushrooms. We know. A lot of bleughh face happening right now. But mushrooms are the only veg that’s got any vit D, liver is the meat with the most. So, put your inner 6-year-old on the naughty step and chow your way to nutritional nirvana. Besides, this is actually pretty tasty.

    BTW we should warn you, the above recipe requires the old hob to oven manoeuvre, which may leave you wishing you had a set of our ingenio pans. What do mean you didn’t know pans could do that? Have you been living under a rock?

  • Go fish

    Okay, to make up for the liver and mushroom thing, we’ve got a proper treat for you. We’ve already said oily fish is a winner. But, there’s also a small amount of the good stuff in beef too. And trust us, we only need the smallest of excuses to bust out this absolute show stopper – Japanese hibachi surf and turf. That’s right, salmon fillets and beef steak, all in an amazing Japanese marinade. More nom than you can shake a stick at.

    If you’re an adaptable type, we reckon that’s a meal with ActiFry written all over it. The glaze will thicken up a treat in the hot air, and you can do the rice with veg as a stir fry too.

    So there you go, everything’s going to be vitamin D-licious from now on in, (yep, we did just wait the entire blog to bust that out) enjoy.

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