Get Sweet On Sweet Potato

by Tefal Team on 07 November 2019
  • Sweet potatoes have reached mainstream status and for good reason: they’re healthy, super tasty and can be used in a huge range of recipes.

    We’ve got the skinny on sweet potatoes as well as some unmissable dishes to help you get more of this wonder veg in your life.

  • Super tatties

    They’re called potatoes but they’re not actually related to the trad white spud. It figures as they taste pretty different and bear only a passing resemblance. This yummy root veg has a thin, brown skin and is usually orange inside.

    Eat them whole or peeled; either way they’re rich in fibre and a good source of vitamins and minerals. A medium sized potato counts as one of your five-a-day so here’s how to get some…

  • Light bites

    Most of us first encounter sweet potatoes as fries. Go one better with these maple parmesan and rosemary fries. Snack or side, we guarantee they won’t hang around for long.

    Want to sneak sweet potato into something delish to fool a reluctant veg eater? This easy creamy sweet potato soups should do the trick – and it’s a cinch in the soup maker.

    A batch of these easy to make sweet potato and cheddar crackers are a great way to get the kids cooking and enjoying more veggies. Dip them in this spiced sweet potato hummus for even more goodness.

  • Spud switcheroo

    They may not taste the same but sweet potatoes work in almost everything where a white potato is called for. Switch it for regular mash on top of a shepherd’s pie and give yourself a gold star for adding extra vits to a hearty meal.

    Baked sweet potatoes are another easy swap, but why not make things more interesting with these loaded potato skins or striking hasselbacks?

    We can think of quite a few things these spiced sweet potato cakes would go with but we’d happily polish off a plate of them just as they are.


  • Terrific traybakes

    Add a satisfying sweet hit to an easy supper – what more could you want? Turn bangers and mash on their head with this irresistible sweet potato hash sausage and eggs.

    Their yummy sweetness is also a good match for spicy Asian flavours. Try this coconut and chilli infused salmon traybake.

    If you want to go all out veg then this roasted sweet potato, veg and feta traybake does the job while looking as pretty as a picture.

  • Sweet as

    With its sugary, creamy flavour, sweet potato makes a perfect ingredient in cakes and bakes. Don’t believe us? Try this piled-high layer cake, a master class in veggie bakes.

    Or how about something super chocolatey that takes just 7 ingredients chucked in a blender? These sweet potato brownies just happen to be healthy too.

    Of course, for some people sweet potato plus dessert can only equal one thing, especially if you’re a fan of food from the Deep South. It has to be a glorious sweet potato pie.

    Did we mention sweet potatoes are in season? Go grab some now while they’re at their best.

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