GBBO 2019 – All The Action From Series 10

by Tefal Team on 30 October 2019
  • It’s all over and we’ve already got serious baking withdrawals! David lifted 2019’s trophy and the marquee and mixers have been packed away for another year.

    As we wait to see who brings out the first cookbook, we’re indulging in one last slice of cake-filled escapism (maybe that should be es-cake-ism?) with a look at all the best bits from this series…

  • The mood in the tent

    It’s been a fairly drama-free year for Bake Off, if we don’t count Michelle smashing a cake stand, Rosie’s pink custard tart skid and the all round mishap that was Dairy Week.

    All in all though, no major meltdowns of either the cake or contestant variety. In fact, this year’s bakers seem like a pretty tight bunch – especially if those dating rumours involving Alice and Henry have any truth.

  • Notable outfits

    There was no shortage of highlights this year. We have to mention Michael, David and Steph battle for the most colourful shirt (just when you thought nothing could distract you from Pru’s eye-popping accessories). Also, Helena’s quirky gothic style gave Noel’s a good run for its money.

    But Henry needs a special mention here. Never have we seen a contestant so well turned out. Week after week, come rain or heat wave, he baked his heart out in a shirt and tie.

  • Judging the judging

    Who’d be a judge hey? Could you handle the pressure, make the right calls? Did Dan deserve to go when Jamie forgot to put eggs (yes – eggs) in his mix? How about Michelle and Helena’s contentious double eviction in week 5? And was Alice robbed of a Star Baker accolade in week 6? And how about making the nation collectively wail in week 8 when Henry got the boot. You’ve got to be a tough cookie!

  • Hollywood handshakes

    Is it just us, or did ol’ blue eyes dish out less than his usual number of handshakes? Perhaps he was told to rein it in a bit this year. And why doesn’t Pru get to press the flesh?

    Of the scant Hollywood handshakes we did see this year, our fave reaction (to any handshake ever, in fact) has to be Henry’s ‘shut up!’ – priceless.

  • Amazing bakes

    How about Michael’s tear and share bread? – just wow. Rosie’s biscuit chicken – double wow. And David’s fish pie had us drooling even if it did fuel serious internet debate over its lack of lid.

    For some reason, this year saw an above average dragon outing: Rosie’s camembert-filled creation, Bert; Michelle’s majestic Welsh one; and Priya’s ‘astonishing’ dragon that wowed the judges.

    Want to create your very own festive showstopper? Well now you can with Amelia’s naked Christmas cake.

  • The final showdown

    From the moment those soufflés flopped pancake-like out of their moulds, we knew Steph was off her baking game. Our hearts went out to her. After 4 Star Bakers, week 10 just wasn’t her round.

    So would it be ever-capable Alice who turned out her fair share of impressive bakes and won Star Baker twice?

    No, it was Mr Cool himself, the self-proclaimed underdog, who snatched victory and lifted the cake stand trophy. After umpteen times as second in the technical, David’s unflappable demeanour and skill won him the series and a place in our hearts.

    GBBO might be done for now but don’t despair – Junior Bake Off’s coming soon…

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