Gosh, Squash Is In Season! Time To Find Out More…

by Tefal Team on 15 October 2019
  • We all know a pumpkin when we see one and butternut squash is now as normal as swede in the veg aisle. But what about the other squashes on display at this time of year?

    Go beyond the jack-o’-lantern and get to know this fabulous seasonal treat. We’ve squashed in all the info right here!

  • Your guide to gourds

    From the big, orange pumpkin to the tiny gem, squashes come in all shapes and sizes. As they’re in season, we’re talking winter squash here. No, not warm cordial but the group that counts pumpkin and butternut in its camp.

    With a certain witch-and-treat filled holiday on the horizon, you’ll notice more types of squash in the supermarket. Coquina, kabocha and spaghetti are just a few of the seasonal squashes you might see on offer.

    But before you whip out a squash index, hold up. While they do all taste a bit different (some nutty, some sweeter), many varieties can be swapped for each other in recipes. So don’t stress about finding an acorn squash when butternut will do.

  • How to handle them

    With armour-like skins and seed-filled insides, prepping a squash can feel like an epic battle. But arm yourself with a sharp knife, a spoon and a damp tea towel and it’s one you’re sure to win. Here’s how.

    If you’re roasting squash, there’s even better news – peeling after roasting is waay easier. And some need zero peeling, as their softer skins get even softer when cooked. Phew.

    Here’s a great tip – don’t bin pumpkin seeds, try roasting them for a tasty snack instead.

  • Eats and treats

    Want to come home to a warming squash soup on a blustery day? Pop this lot in the soup maker and you can! Or try this butternut squash soup recipe in the Cook4me.

    Squashes make really cool serving pots, like in this recipe for stuffed roast squash and this Moroccan lamb stuffed squash. Talk about your seasonal centrepiece.

    This sausage, chicken and squash traybake is chock-full of flavour from the thyme, wine and maple. And this pan-fried squash pasta is just the autumn comfort food we’re looking for. Use a veggie pan delicious and nutritious results.

    Leftovers from your carved pumpkin masterpiece will do nicely for this wickedly good iced pumpkin coffee cake. And there’s nothing ghoulish about this classic pumpkin pie with a ginger twist.

  • Spooky squashes

    With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, get your carving plans in the bag. Let’s be honest, it’s the reason most of us purchase pumpkins in the first place.

    Stick to severed fingers of the fake variety with these must-read pumpkin carving tips, and if you’re stumped for design ideas, check out this handy tutorial.

    If sculpting veg just isn’t your thing, cheat your way to treat-worthy displays with these no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

    Even if you did just buy that pumpkin for Halloween related reasons, we hope these tips and recipes help you enjoy it all the more.

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