Asian Salmon By The Petite Cook

by Tefal Team on 11 September 2019
  • Ready to get your spin on? Spin Class is underway with a variety of healthy, nutritious food stirred up in the ultimate spin class hero: the ActiFry Genius. So, swap your peddles for our Air Fryer paddle and follow our instructor’s lead to create this week’s recipe. Bursting with flavour, and you’ll barely have to break a sweat 😉.

    This time our spin instructor is the amazing Petite Cook, she’ll make those endorphins spike with this absolute belter of a flavour-filled treat. Asian-inspired Air Fryer Salmon.

  • We know what you’re thinking… Salmon? In an Air Fryer? It’ll get beaten to a pulp, won’t it? Well, we’ve got news for you. The ActiFry Genius is so intelligent, delicate foods are cooked perfectly, every time (no mashing!). No need to worry about delicate or breaded foods – they’ve never tasted as good!

    Now, onto the main event! The recipe is surprisingly simple, nutritious, and naturally dairy-free so everyone’s a winner. You can even make it gluten-free by substituting just one ingredient.

    All you need to get spinning is 9 ingredients:

    • salmon fillets
    • green lentils
    • coconut milk
    • avocado
    • cucumber
    • soy sauce (or tamari sauce)
    • lemon
    • ginger
    • fresh herbs
  • Some Asian classics thrown in with modern twists to get those gears going. Speaking of gears, the “Gear of goodness” was spun and it landed on gear 1. Meaning this is a healthy simple staple to add to your repertoire.

    Firstly, you need to add your green lentils into a saucepan and simmer until soft and the perfect texture. Whilst that simmering away, all you need is 7 minutes to air fry your salmon – nope, nothing fishy about that time, it really is THAT quick!

    Dice your salmon fillets into chunks and bung them into the ActiFry Genius & pour over lashings of your coconut milk. Next, add your extras: ginger, soy sauce & lemon juice to give it a zing.

    Now for the good part – set the ActiFry to mode 8 for 7 minutes and start. Leave the ActiFry to work its air fryer magic, and boom… your delicious and succulent salmon is served.

  • Now it’s up to you piece the ingredients together in a bowl or plate. We think The Petite Cook’s presentation skills have out-done herself. Cutting the avo and cucumber into big chunks and placing them next to the salmon and lentils. Them smothering in some sesame seeds and fresh herbs.

    Check out the full recipe here and if this recipe has you wanting more, the ActiFry app has got 300+ recipes to guide you to guilt-free health fryer goodness.

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When healthy meets tasty. . .

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