Back To School? Gotta Get Them Out The House First…

by Tefal Team on 04 September 2019
  • New breakfast

    It’s a new school year – the perfect excuse to introduce a new brekkie. Try pancakes. They’ll help you win in several ways: first up, they feel like a treat. But if you’re smart with how you serve them – for example the classic honey and lemon combo – then your kids are heading off to school with a good balance of carbs (flour), protein (egg), sugar (honey) and vitamin C (lemon juice). Why does that matter? Research suggests that kids who learn on a full tank perform better. Another plus: they’re quick and easy to make. Knock up some batter the night before, have it ready and waiting in the fridge, and then it’s just a minute or two on the hob. You could even treat yourself to a super-fun(ctional) Tefal pancake pan. Why wait till Shrove Tuesday?

  • New clothes

    This might not sound like a massive motivator. But when you look good, you feel good. And the same goes for your kids. No doubt you’ve already ticked off the epic new uniform list. Get it laid out ready the night before so there’s no last-minute scrabbling around looking for the new tie, regulation socks, or clean white shirt. For a last-minute spruce, glide a garment steamer over them to eliminate any odours and creases.

  • New kit

    Tell the kids before bed there’s a treat for them waiting in the morning and getting them up will be a whole heap easier. It’ll help keep the sense of excitement running through every morning chore to make the whole thing feel fresh and fun. It could be as simple as a new toothbrush and toothpaste, a new lunchbox or even just a new set of stationary, wrapped up as a start of term gift.

    It doesn’t have to stop there. If they still seem reluctant to leave the safety of home, get them pepped up with the promise of new teachers, new classmates, new subjects, new challenges, new sports, new everything.

    It might be an old trick – but trust us, the power of new works wonders.

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