All About Aubergine

by Tefal Team on 12 August 2019
  • Next up on our summer coverage of the best seasonal produce – and another great example of fruit passed off as vegetable – is the mighty aubergine.

    Known as eggplant in countries like America, Australia and New Zealand (it used to be smaller and white in colour so looked like a goose egg), aubergine even has its own emoji 🍆 although we’d advise caution when using it 😳.

    If you’re tempted by those glossy, deep purple skins (is it just us or do aubergines look like they’ve been given a quick polish before going on display?), pick up a couple and transform them into something tasty with the help of these sensational recipes.

  • For starters

    Roll up, roll up – these mozzarella and aubergine rolls are mouthfuls of cheese and tomato heaven. And for a pure taste of Sicily, try this chunky caponata. Store it in the fridge overnight for even better flavours.

    Had enough of hummus? Spice it up in the dip department with baba ganoush. After roasting the aubergine for insane smoky flavours, it’s as simple as blitzing all the ingredients together before serving with crunchy veg and flat breads.

  • Give it a grilling

    Thanks to its firm texture, aubergine’s great for grilling and perfect on the OptiGrill. Go simple with grilled aubergine and salsa verde or pair it with meat, for which it’s more than a match.

    Chop to it with spicy aubergines and pork chops drizzled with homemade chimichurri sauce or make a memorable grilled lamb and aubergine with mint and feta salad.

    While we’re on the grill, we think we may have just found our new favourite grilled cheese sandwich – drool.

  • Move over meat

    For many switching to a meat-free diet aubergine is a star ingredient as it adds a meaty texture. Swap it with pork, chicken and beef in any of your go to meals, like these aubergine meatballs. They look like their meaty cousins but are 100% vegan and 100% delish.

    Aubergine is a must in a meat-free curry like this quick and easy aubergine and tofu curry, while the big, bold flavours of this aubergine lasagne will go down a storm with everyone at the table, veggie or not.

  • Aubergine for afters

    Like our other fave veg, courgette, aubergine can be added to sweet stuff to make it extra moist. Give it a go with these peanut butter and aubergine brownies. We guarantee there’s not a hint of moussaka in these gooey chocolate treats.

    For the cheeseboard? Knock up some tomato and aubergine chutney and some of these mouth-watering parmesan aubergine crisps.

    Right, we’re off to make a grilled cheese sandwich with extra aubergine…

It's not all about the meat

With the versatile OptiGrill, it's easy to get gourmet veg!

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