Fresh From The Pod? Yes Peas!

by Tefal Team on 09 July 2019
  • With British peas at their best right now, we’re going beyond the household staple of a bag of frozen peas to celebrate them in all their green glory – from what to eat to how to serve them up.

    (Warning: this blog contains a lot of pea puns. Re-pea-tedly. Consider yourself warned.)

  • Give peas a chance

    We tend to think of peas as veg but the pea pod and what’s inside are in fact a fruit. Who knew? Packed with protein, vitamin C and fibre, you can eat them pod an’ all when young as sugar snap peas or wait a while and enjoy the sweet pop of a garden pea (with loads of butter and mint, of course).

    You can chuck peas in just about any meal, although we’ve yet to find a pea dessert (pease pudding is not what it sounds like). Here we’ve picked our favourite reci-peas for you to sample. A few of them use frozen peas but you can just swap these for fresh.

  • Let’s do brunch

    Start the day with a dose of pea goodness. Take an omelette to the next level with this simple and satisfying bacon, cheddar and pea frittata. Add or switch fillings as you prefer (ham, mushrooms, tomatoes) – frittatas are v accommodating like that.

    If it’s not a proper brunch without smoked fish then kedgeree is the dish for you. A world away from a bowl of soggy cereal, this old school breakfast has it all going on from eggs to curry flavours. Try this easy smoked haddock kedgeree.

  • Family favourites

    Hap-pea-ness is a bowl full of pea and mint soup. It’s quick to throw together (especially if you make it in the Easy Soup Maker and you can serve it up hot or cold.

    Keep the peas at the dinner table with these easy cheesy peas. They’re the perfect side dish to serve with these crispy unfried fish fillets.

    What’s even scrummier than freshly made pea pakoras? Pea pakoras stuffed in pitta pockets and topped with delish yoghurt dressing! This recipe even has the option of turning the pakora mix into burgers – we love a 2 in 1 recipe.

  • Nice in rice… and pasta

    If you’re after an ap-pea-ling dinner that stirs up memories of holiday flavours, this chorizo and prawn paella is a must-try in the ActiFry.

    Pushed for time? This recipe for ham and pea risotto is a real master-peas in speedy cooking. Pop a few simple ingredients in our ingenious Cook4Me cooker and dinner takes care of itself.

    Peas and pasta make a pleasing flavour combo in this carbonara recipe. The salty bacon and fresh sweet peas go beautifully with the creamy pasta – we guarantee you’ll be back for a second helping.

    So pea-ple, you’ve had your dose of pea puns (sorry about that). Time for a taste of those beautifully sweet British peas…

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