Teacher Presents Sorted (You Can Thank Us Later)

by Tefal Team on 08 July 2019
  • School’s nearly out and with the end of term in sight, we’ll bet it’s not just how to fill the endless days of summer that’s playing on your mind.

    If you’re wracking your brain for a teacher gift that sums up your collective gratitude, we’ve done our homework and put together a few A* ideas right here.

  • You bake me smile

    After a year of tirelessly inspiring and cajoling a classroom of kids, teachers deserve special thanks. An obvious place to start is with something home-baked. It’s unique, thoughtful and your child can put heart and soul into it (resist the urge to take over here, mums and dads).

    Most days, teachers are lucky to grab five minutes for a cup of tea and a rushed digestive. So what better way to mark the beginning of summer downtime than some beautifully baked biscuits? These fancy iced biscuits will be as fun to create as to eat. For extra teacher points, add a piped message of the ‘thanks for all you tortoise’ variety.

    Teacher’s more of a cake fan? Here’s a failsafe cupcake recipe for even the most junior of bakers to follow (especially with a little help from the Cake Factory.

  • You’re my jam

    While we’re on the subject of home makes, a jar of handcrafted jam is sure to impress. Check out our guide to making jam at home (link to blog). Choose a suitably summery flavour such as strawberries and cream jam or blackcurrant and Pimms jam for a pressie that’ll be the toast of the summer.

  • Paint a thousand words

    A year’s worth of arts and crafts skills poured into a picture will make any teacher glow with pride, so let your little one express their thanks through paint and glued on pasta shells. You could even turn their little masterpiece into a thank you card for them to inscribe in their very best handwriting.

    Stuck on where to start? Try this starry night design tutorial for impressive results.

  • Show a latte love

    If they’re anything like us, teachers need a fair amount of coffee to see them through the day. A neat option that will go down a treat is a reusable mug – perfect for keeping that must-have caffeine hit nice and warm, whether marking homework or on playground duties. Think of it as a hug in a mug for someone who more than deserves it.

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