Red Berry And Peppermint Spring rolls By Hedi Hearts

by Tefal Team on 27 June 2019
  • The sunshine is coming.. (hopefully) and we are all thinking about making healthier choices this summer which is why we have launched our Spin Class. Hosting the final Tefal Spin Class where we swap peddles for the ActiFry Genius paddle and create fabulous food with a healthier twist is Hedi Hearts.

    Of course, healthy food doesn’t need to be dull and which is where the ActiFry Genius comes in, using 99% less added fat* when you fry without losing out on flavour… Yes please!

  • Hedi span the ‘Gear of Goodness’ and landed on level 5 – the show stopper… and boy oh boy has Hedi Hearts come through with a healthy and of course tasty dessert…YUM YUM. Let us repeat that…DESSERT! It’s about time we had us a healthier sweet treat, but don’t worry the wait was well worth it.


    Hedi Hearts shows us how to make a healthy version of red berry and peppermint spring rolls. These are full of flavour and super tasty but because they are cooked in the ActiFry they aren’t greasy which is a bonus for those of us who refuse to give up desserts but want to eat a little healthier.

    Not only that these sweet treats are easy peezy to make and only take 15minutes in the ActiFry on mode 4. Check out the blog or the free MyActiFry app to get making. 

    *Cooking of 1.5kg of fresh fries at 55% weight loss with 2cl of oil vs traditional deep frying with 2.2L of oil

ActiFry Genius hosts a Spin Class

For mouthwatering tasty & healthy meals. . .

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