Sharing Is Caring

by Tefal Team on 21 June 2019
  • This Loneliness Awareness Week, (June 17 – 21) is a great time to remember to perk-up someone who you think might feel alone. A friend, a relative, a work colleague, whoever. You don’t have to become their soulmate for life, just a quick hello or an offer to help out with a little job can really make all the difference.

    Another awesome way to connect with people is through food. Cooking and sharing food is a great way to bring people together that really cuts through the awkward factor of reaching out. We’ve put together four smart ways to break bread together.

  • Make a little extra

    Up the ingredients, prepare an extra portion or two and invite someone new to the table. This tasty Beef Bolognaise is a great option. If you’d like to cook more but struggle to fit it all in, you can always take a look at the ActiFry Express XL.

    If you’re cooking anyway, you may as well be cooking a little more. Inviting someone to help you eat the extra is a great way to include them and make them feel like they’re doing you a favour. This is a neat idea because a lot of people who suffer from loneliness are anxious not to feel like a burden.

  • Take time for tea

    We’ve all been the newbie at some point in our lives: that knee-knocking first day at school, being the new face at work, or moving to a new town or neighbourhood. It can be a lonely time. It’s such a relief when someone breaks the ice and helps us get to know new people around us.

    Why not bake a batch of yummy cupcakes to serve with tea or coffee? It brings everyone together without making someone feel singled out. We think these Vanilla Cupcakes will bring a smile to any teatime guest’s face.

  • Break out the BBQ

    The laid-back atmosphere of a barbecue is a perfect way to get people together and to include a few new faces into the mix. Music, games and the smell of sizzling sausages all make for a great atmosphere.

    If you’re not a charcoal king or queen you can always cheat (and by cheat we mean do it better). Whip out an extension lead and an OptiGrill XL and you’re away. No burnt offerings, just great taste and dead simple grilling.

  • Picnic in the park

    Sometimes things are bit more comfortable for everyone in a neutral setting. A picnic in the park on a sunny day is ideal. As well as the sandwiches, Scotch eggs are an absolute winner. Dips, salad and coleslaw are quick and delicious plate fillers. And no picnic is complete without cakes to go with the tea *pauses blog writing to satisfy sudden desire for tea and cake*.

    Picnicking does take a bit of gear, and would you believe it? We have totally brilliant food storage containers, as well as a smart and simple flask for tea. Pack it all up, grab a blanket and enjoy the outdoor setting with your new friends.

Cake Factory

Successful and Creative baking anytime!

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