Wings, Nuggets & Ribs With A Meat-Free Twist For National Veggie Week

by Tefal Team on 17 May 2019
  • In honour of National Veggie Week, we have got some great recipes sure rouse your sleepy taste buds. We have taken 3 classics and vegified them.

  • Vegan chinese spare ribs by rabbit and wolves

    Whoever said vegan food is boring certainly hasn’t tried these mouth-watering Chinese spare ribs. . . So for National Veggie Week get your taste buds in a twist and check these babies out.

    Made from seitan they are devilishly good. Vegan food certainly has come along way and now non-meat eaters don’t need to miss out on this beloved Chinese hit.

    If seitan sounds foreign to you, don’t worry these days you can easily pick it up at your local supermarket, and within only 40 minutes have everyone fighting over a pile of tasty ribs. The great thing about these ribs is you can cook them completely in the oven and even finish them off on the OptiGrill for that authentic BBQ taste…

    But that’s not all, while these beauties are in the oven you can get on with prepping an ultimate BBQ sauce to base the ribs in and boy oh boy is it next level deliciousness.

    To check out the recipe and believe us it’s worth it, you can find it here.

  • Baked buffalo cauliflower wings by delicious gimme

    Next up we have buffalo cauli wings that are sure to tantalise your taste buds…

    Succulent on the inside and crispy and flavoursome on the outside the only regret you will have is not making enough 😉

    No need to wing it with this recipe… it’s super easy to follow and you will be dunking these delightful wings in no time.

    First, you just need to whip up the simple batter and dunk your cauli florets into it. Pop them in the oven and while they are cooking away you can make the wing sauce to give your wings a second coat of zingy deliciousness. Put them back in the oven until the wings have reached level 10 yum and are nice and crispy.

    Now they are ready to dunk in your favourite blue cheese sauce… wings will never be the same again! To get this recipe and develop an unhealthy addiction to cauli wings check out the recipe here.

  • Veggie nuggets by tasty

    The faithful nugget is a food cornerstone of the British diet so National Veggie Week is the perfect excuse to mix things up in the nugget department. This veggie version certainly holds its own and you will be sure to want more. The combo of veg and seasoning adds a depth of flavour you wouldn’t have thought the simple nugget could carry.

    Not only that this recipe is quick and foolproof so you don’t need to worry about spending hours in the kitchen. Simply get your veg, spices, egg and blitz in the food processor. Next, coat these little nuggets in bread crumbs and fry with a little bit of oil until they reach optimum golden crispy goodness. You can even use our Veggie pan and save up 30% more nutrients*. Nuggets that are tasty and healthy… mind blown!

    Now, that the Nuggets are ready all that’s left is some serious dunking. YUM. Check out the recipe here.

    *+30% of Vitamin C  preserved compared to searing cooking, tested externally on peppers.

  • We hope we have got you feeling inspired for National Veggie week with these recipe twists so let us know how you get on with these sure hit dishes.

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