Definitive Easter Egg Judging Rules

by Tefal Team on 15 April 2019
  • It’s a sad fact, but not all Easter eggs are created equal. There’s the amount of chocolate to consider, how tasty it is and all the added extras. Ahead of this year’s celebrations, make sure you know how to rank your haul and the best bonuses to look out for.

  • Creme eggs

    It wouldn’t be Easter without Creme eggs, but they’re really just the warm up and not the main event. You can start buying them in January and you can legitimately purchase them for yourself without anyone batting an eyelid. We wouldn’t be without them, but any relative, no matter how distant, who tries to fob you off with a Creme egg is trying to pull a fast one.

    3 points

  • Mini eggs

    So, you might think that mini eggs wouldn’t rank that highly, but you’re totally wrong. To be clear, we’re not talking about small hollow eggs, because quite frankly, they’re redeeming features are few, but solid milk chocolate eggs with a pretty pastel sugar coating. They’re small enough to make you feel less guilty, but give you an intense chocolate hit and before you know it, you’ve bossed an entire packet.

    4 points

  • Eggs with mugs

    There can’t be a home in the land that doesn’t have a mug in the cupboard that came with an Easter egg. They’re usually emblazoned with the garish colours of a chocolate bar brand, but we were oh-so-chuffed when we received them as kids.

    Now, we know that it’s all about the cocoa factor and mugs take up valuable chocolate space inside the packaging. We’d rather have the chocolate bars than a mug created in their image thank you very much.

    5 points

  • Novelty shaped eggs

    When is an Easter egg not an egg? When it’s an avocado or a strawberry or even an acorn. Lots of these novelty eggs are premium meaning the chocolate’s pretty tasty, but we can leave the gimmicky shapes and luxuriate in quality chocolate that melts perfectly on the tongue.

    7 points

  • Unexpected extra chocolate

    Easter eggs are not the easiest thing to make and sometimes, just sometimes there’s a bit of the egg that is thicker than the rest. You don’t know it until you break the shell and there’s a section that offers more resistance, meaning bonus chocolate. This is one of the best Easter feelings.

    7 points

  • Oversized eggs

    Bigger is definitely better when it comes to Easter eggs and we’ve all been amazed when we’ve seen the size of some of the eggs on sale. Most of us never expect to receive one, but the joy when you do is hard to contain. We kid ourselves it’ll keep us going for months, but it’ll be gone within a week.

    9 points

  • Chocolate-filled eggs

    What’s better than a chocolate egg? A chocolate egg filled with more chocolate, that’s what. As long as the giver knows you well enough to make sure they get an egg full of your favourite choccies, you’re onto an absolute winner.

    10 points.

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