Not Your Average Crisp

by Tefal Team on 01 April 2019
  • Potato crisps are so last year. If you’re not tucking into a bag of lentil curls or chickpea puffs then you’re just not with the programme. There are so many crisp alternatives on the market that you can munch your way through a different type for every day of the week.

    It’s all part of our collective desire for something new and to feel a little bit more virtuous about our favourite crunchy snacks. It’s been a good while since the crisp powers that be swapped out the worst offending oils and cooking techniques, but it was only a matter of time before the main ingredient came into question.

    So, would you give non-potato crisps a try? If so, here’s what you need to know:

  • Lentil curls

    Think of a lentil and you think of all things healthy, right? They’re packed with protein and may even reduce heart disease, so what’s not to love? They make a really crunchy crisp and by the time they’ve been dipped in sea salt, sour cream and chive or sweet chilli flavour even people who hate lentils will be converted.

  • Chickpea puffs

    When is a Wotsit not a Wotsit? When it’s made out of chickpeas and flavoured with vegan white cheddar, that’s when. We still love that puffed up texture, but it’s not the nineties anymore folks and we’re swapping the oh-so-familiar flavour of orange cheese for everything from salt and vinegar to fajita versions.

    They’re touted as being high in fibre, lower in calories than most potato crisps and gluten-free. But best of all, they’re achingly trendy.

  • Kale crisps

    At the risk of ruining snack time, we introduce to you… kale crisps. If you’re trying to be good, but really crave that crunch, then these little bites are the answer. Since they’re full of iron you can feel extra smug as you polish off a whole bowl. Another great thing about them is they’re easy to make at home, as Hungry Happy Healthy demonstrates, and you can flavour them however you like.

  • Beetroot, spinach and sweet potato tortilla chips

    Everyone knows that you need different crisps for all sorts of occasions and it’s just not a party until you’ve dunked a tortilla chip into some hummus. This variety of crisp has not missed the makeover either, so move over Doritos and pass on the standard maize options.

    We defy you not to demolish a whole bag of beetroot, spinach and sweet potato tortilla chips in one sitting. Even if you do manage to pop some in your Masterseal container for later, we guarantee you’ll be sneaking back to pinch some more when nobody’s looking. We love that you don’t get bored, because of the mixture of flavours.

    After all the hoo ha recently about the nation’s favourite crisps, which put Pringles in the God tier and relegated Monster Munch to the mid tier, everyone knows that crisps are a serious topic. We wonder how lentil curls and sweet potato tortillas would fit into this highly controversial pyramid.

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