Which Mother’s Day Package Do You Owe Your Mum?

by Tefal Team on 14 March 2019
  • Everyone thinks their mum’s the best, but when it comes to paying her back for all the things she’s done for you over the years, where do you sit on our sliding scale? After all, some of us grew up angelic not offering our parents any problems while others were bailed out by their mums all the time.

    This Mother’s Day, give her the package she deserves depending on which kind of offspring you’ve always been.

  • Bronze

    If you’ve never ever forgotten Mother’s Day, not a single birthday has gone by without a card and the biggest issue your mum had to deal with in your upbringing was finding the odd sock on the floor then she deserves the bronze package.

    Grab a card, head round to her house for a cuppa and she’ll be happy. Considering you’re a pretty good son or daughter you’ll probably do more than this, but you don’t have years of making up to do (we’re looking at you platinums!)

  • Silver

    So, you were a fussy eater as a kid, making it hard for your mum to know what to feed you and sometimes leading her to prepare multiple meals in the evening. You didn’t get into too much trouble, but you had a squabble with your siblings from time to time and she was always asking you to tidy your bedroom.

    We recommend flowers for your mum. You weren’t the easiest child, but by no means the worst and a carefully chosen bunch in her favourite colour scheme will be the perfect tribute to your relationship.

  • Gold

    Back in the good old days before mobile phones your mum often didn’t know where you were (which might have been for the best) and you never got home in time for tea. You trailed mud through the house after trips through the woods doing who knows what and you sometimes got into fights.

    The gold package means both a gift and a trip out, probably for lunch and most likely a three-course slap up one at that. Your mum deserves to be showered with flowers, chocolates, scented candles and all the roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings she could wish for this Mothering Sunday.

  • Platinum

    Oh dear! We can only imagine what you’ve put your poor mum through over the years, but she’s always stuck by you, kept you fed and watered and in clean underwear. She doesn’t stop worrying about you, even though you’re now 35, but that’s probably because you’ve always shown her there’s loads to be concerned about.

    So, pamper your mum this Mother’s Day with the whole works. Buy her flowers or a lovely scarf, cook her lunch and get to the bottom of her ironing basket. Show her you really have learned how to look after yourself and her for that matter. No more long periods without calling or giving her reasons to check in with your mates.

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