Go Green For St Patrick’s Day

by Tefal Team on 08 March 2019
  • Getting the kids to eat their greens can be a big challenge, but when it’s all in the name of St Patrick’s Day you might be able to persuade them. Create themed lunches and dinners that are so fun your children won’t notice that they’re good for them too.

  • Shamrock sandwiches

    What’s really nice about this St Patrick’s Day-themed lunchbox from My Fussy Eater is that even though the overall impression is of being green, the main event is something you know they’ll eat. You can make the sandwich with their favourite fillings and a bit of clever carving will turn it into an Irish shamrock.

  • Spinach and feta pie

    We just love the vibrant green of spinach and it goes so well with tangy feta. Put them together in this pie from A Boho Life, which makes a great centrepiece for a St Patrick’s Day dinner or the perfect addition to a lunchbox. You can do both if there’s any leftover and be the envy of the whole office on March 18th.

  • Broccoli soup

    Soup is always a hit when it comes to smuggling veg into your children and broccoli is full of iron and B vitamins. Hungry Healthy Happy makes it even more appealing for a younger audience by adding a handful of cooked pasta to the top. You can adapt the basic recipe to appeal to the foods each member of the family loves. We think crunchy croutons would be a good addition.

  • Leprechaun sauce

    OK, so this is a recipe for guacamole, but tell your kids it’s leprechaun sauce and they’ll think it’s extra special. The Kitchen Shed’s clean eating version is super tasty and has no baddies in it, so it’s a winner all round. Just remember to leave the chilli flakes out if your children aren’t good with spicy food.

  • Green smoothie bowl

    You can even smart the day the green way with a green smoothie bowl like Naturally Sassy. What’s great about these is that you don’t have to stick to the letter of the recipe, replacing ingredients with whatever you’ve got in the fridge or cupboard. Any type of berries will work and you can go wild with the toppings.

  • Green velvet cupcakes

    Special occasions call for a treat, so you can end your St Patrick’s Day extravaganza with these green velvet cupcakes from Baking Mad. They’re like the classic red velvet cakes that everyone knows and loves, but totally on brand for March 17th. Make them in the Cake Factory for a quick and fuss-free activity with the kids. They’ll love decorating them too, so get a whole load of green toppings to add after they’re baked.

  • Apple and kale cake

    If you’re not done with making sure everyone’s getting their five-a-day then this apple and kale cake by Veggie Desserts is an effective way to sneak in an extra veggie. It’s so delicious we swear the kids won’t notice that telltale green colour comes from some natural ingredients they’d normally turn their noses up at.

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