Tefal’s Food Revolution Challenge

by Tefal Team on 21 February 2019
  • This year you may have made New Year’s resolutions to eat a little healthier, which may not have filled you with excitement. But before you fall off the bandwagon after eating the same plain chicken with soggy veg and side of boredom check out the Tefal New Years Revolutions Challenge. Yes, we may have saved the day by preventing another dinner victim from eating an unsatisfying dull salad. Our Tefal Dinner Spinner has the Nations fav takeaway’s on it ready for the food bloggers to work their magic and create a recipe that hits all the spots, tasty, healthy, and satisfying.

  • Here’s the rundown on what delicious fakeway treats the bloggers have created: Chinese, Indian, Caribbean, Thia, Fish and Chips, Southern fried chicken, Kebab and Mexican. There’s something here for everyone.

    These recipes are so good they are sure to make it into you’re your weekly repertoire. So check out the 8 Healthy but tasty fakeaway recipes the food bloggers have created and be prepared to start salivating for the yummy goodness you can create yourself.

  • Salt & Pepper Chicken by "My Fussy Eater"


    If you fancy a Chinese takeaway but without all the calories that come with it… try this amazing looking Salt and Pepper Chicken Fakeaway recipe by My Fussy Eater.

  • Best Ever Southern Fried Chicken by “Two Chubby Cubs”


    Two Chubby Cubs span the Tefal dinner spinner and landed on…… Southern Fried Chicken. They are certainly no stranger to a big bucket of Southern Fried Chicken so you know they will do the recipe justice.

  • Vegan Thai Noodle Bowl & Peanut Sauce By "Veggie Desserts"


    If you don’t think Tofu is your thing, give this recipe a go as it is bursting full of yummy, nutty flavours. Pair it with crunchy zesty veg, rice noodles and an oh so dreamy peanut sauce and your Fakeaway has far surpassed the grey bland curry from your local.

  • Healthy Indian Style Kebab by "Lavender and Lovage"

    Lavender and Lovage has created a beautiful Healthy Indian Kebab that tastes great and solves the time old dilemma of when you can’t decide between an Indian or a Kebab. No toss up needed, you can have both with this flavoursome meal.

  • Tex-Mex Cauliflower Rice By “Amuse Your Bouche”


    Get a load of this Tex-Mex Cauliflower Rice with a multitude of different toppings you can mix and match to suit your fancy. Sound too healthy to be tasty? Don’t be fooled by the name, its full of flavour and has a cheeky handful of cheese to take your fakeaway to the next level.

  • Chicken Tikka By “Hungry Healthy Happy”


    Hungry Healthy Happy span the Tefal Dinner Spinner and landed on Indian, hotly contested as the nations No.1 takeaway! If the two words Chicken & Tikka are enough to get you drooling like Pavlov’s dogs then you are in for a treat. Hungry Healthy Happy has created a Chicken Tikka so breathtakingly tasty you’ll be reluctant to share.

  • Fiery Lentils & Beans By “ A Mummy Too”


    “A Mummy Too” has created mouth-watering, Carribean style Fiery Lentils and Beans which is not only delicious but super easy to make and healthy! It’s a no brainer, grab a jar of jerk paste, and your lentils and get making.

  • Fish and Chips By “Slimming Eats”

    “Slimming Eats” has really gone to town with this one, homemade breaded fish cooked in the ActiFry, delicious crispy chips, and homemade tartar sauce…. And yes all for a fraction of the calories of your usual takeaway. Check it out!

  • With all of this delicious fakeway inspiration, we are sure you will be leaving those takeaway menus in the back of the draw 😉

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