Top Trends To Spot At LFW 2019

by Tefal Team on 13 February 2019
  • February means London Fashion Week (LFW) and all eyes will be on the catwalk. Whether you like to see the weird and wonderful outfits on the models or get a clue about what will hit the shops, it’s fun to watch. Victoria Beckham, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and all the big names from the world of fashion will be out in force to show you what to wear next autumn-winter season.

    Here are some of the trends you might spot:

  • Layers

    We’ve known for a long time that layers are great for the colder months, because they mean you can finely tune your outfit to keep warm. Now, they’re stylish too, as different textures and prints are layered on top of each other on the catwalk to create eclectic looks. We’re talking sequins and silks, lace and bold patterns. This is something that a certain Ms Beckham is likely to exploit.

    Steam is key to making sure all of your fabrics are in tip top shape if you’re going to recreate this style yourself. Choose from a garment steamer, a steam generator or a steam iron and you’ll be good to go.

  • Structured bags in electric colours

    No outfit is complete without a bag and LFW this year will be all about bold electric colours and well-defined structure. There’ll be no missing these bags out and about, giving you a chance to really let vibrant colours reign.

    Check out Virginia Severini’s latest collection for great examples of this. She’ll also be presenting bags in unusual shapes and materials, with some pieces made from copper and even lacquered wood.

  • Mustard is here to stay

    If you’ve been loving all the mustard clothes and accessories we’ve seen in recent seasons, then you’ll be glad to know there’s more of the same coming on the catwalk. Expect the rich yellow to be accompanied by darker shades of ochre, which feels perfect for autumn.

  • Nature and sustainability

    The fashion industry has started to take responsibility for being more sustainable lately and this will be seen in many of the styles at LFW. Not only are the clothes being made from sustainable fabrics, but the make-up will be used to reflect a more natural style of beauty too.

  • Boss babe vibes

    Strong tailoring and suits are likely to feature on the catwalk in London, after the trend was spotted at New York Fashion Week. Surely this will play right into Burberry’s hands. It’s a style that only works if you keep your trousers, skirt and jacket looking sharp and a garment steamer makes it much easier to get into the awkward corners.

  • Floaty fabrics and feathers

    Keeping it light is another thing we’re expecting to see, with feathers and tulle popular with designers lately. This is harder to pull off when you’re not strutting your stuff down the catwalk, but going down the local pub, so we’ll see how it translates onto the high street later in the year.

    This will be seen in Yuhan Wang’s showcase with Fashion East, as she brings soft femininity to the catwalk. Many of her models will be flashing the flesh, so these aren’t the types of outfit you’d wear to the shops.

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