How To Nail Valentine’s Day

by Tefal Team on 12 February 2019
  • Want to show your other half that you are a whizz around the house this Valentine’s Day? Well, you can fake it until you make it with a selection of Tefal products. Not the best cook? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Always a bit wrinkled in the shirt department? We’re on it.

  • The perfect dinner

    You could take your partner out for dinner this Valentine’s Day, but you’ll get loads more brownie points by cooking it yourself. The key is to stay quite simple and cook a meal with a few elements that you can’t get wrong. Use the automatic programmes on the OptiGrill to cook steaks or salmon fillets exactly how you and the old ball and chain like them.

    This takes away the guesswork and means you can ask your other half whether they want it rare, medium rare or well done and be confident you’ll get it spot on. The OptiGrill will even adjust itself to the thickness of the steak, but you’ll get to take all the credit.

    Serve with the crunchiest chips made in the ActiFry, with only one tablespoon of oil and much less fat than if you used a deep fat fryer. You can enjoy just a little bit of smugness on the side when you serve these.

    Brush up on your fancy terminology to make sure you know your ambassador steak from your bavette to impress the other half even more. In fact, that steak and chips could be presented as steak-frites a la France to up the romance factor.

    Use the Ingenio range for any sides you’re making – you’ll thank us later when it cuts down on the washing up – and any leftovers can go straight into the fridge. Giving you more time to relax and enjoy each other’s company, which is the name of the game.

  • Get rid of those wrinkles

    Make sure you and the tablecloth look their best and without a crease in sight. It doesn’t matter if you’re no dab hand with an iron, because a garment steamer makes it super-easy. You can get the wrinkles out of the tricky bit of that shirt, without having to get the ironing board out at all. Handheld and heating up in just 40 seconds, you’ll never look back after using a garment steamer.

  • Don’t let the cake fall flat

    You can really impress your other half with a sweet dessert this February 14th, even if they know you’re not much of a baker. Recreate their favourite pud with the Cake Factory, safe in the knowledge that it’ll turn out perfect. You can pick from five automatic programmes for delicious cakes without the guesswork and the flexible silicone moulds make turning out easy. All you need to do is decide whether to go for chocolate, lemon or a traditional syrupy sponge!

  • Prep early to avoid a flap

    The best way to ensure your Valentine’s Day goes swimmingly is to prep in advance. Have everything you need to hand before you start. Last-minute dashes to the shops or trying to chop veg in a hurry will take the shine off the evening.

  • Finishing touches

    Now that you’ve got all the essentials covered, think about the little bits that will make all the difference. Mix your partner’s favourite drink, ready for when they get in from work. It could be a cocktail you had on your honeymoon or the wine you toasted with at your wedding.

    Other thoughtful gestures could include putting their slippers by the door so they can slip out of their work shoes right away or having a warm jumper to hand to wrap them up in. Stay away from the cliches of flowers and chocolates, choosing more personal gifts instead to really nail it.

ActiFry Genius XL

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