Where To Start With Veganuary

by Tefal Team on 08 January 2019
  • Amidst the plethora of New Year’s resolutions, you’ve probably noticed lots of chat on the subject of Veganuary. It’s no longer enough to vow to lose a bit of weight, or cut down on the booze; it’s now all about trying to achieve a meat-free month!

    In the past, Dry January has gained popularity, but this year it’s the turn of veganism and it’s taking the UK by storm. While giving up alcohol can be hard enough, avoiding all animal-based products takes lifestyle choices to a whole new level, so you may need a bit of advice.

  • Check out the website

    There’s a Veganuary website, which has a wide selection of resources to help get you started. These include vegan meal plans, baking guides and help on understanding labels to ensure products are meat-free. It offers recommendations on how to fill your pantry with essentials to create healthy vegan meals and ways in which to navigate eating out with friends.

  • Take advantage of convenience food

    Since Veganuary is particularly big this year, many of the major chains are cashing in. This is great news if you’re trying to be vegan for the first time and suddenly realise you’re hungry on the high street and in need of a quick refuel. Pick up a vegan sausage roll at the nation’s most well-known bakery or a vegan wrap from your local fast-food retailer.

  • Embrace the rainbow

    As a first-time vegan it’s easy to focus on what you can’t eat, instead of opening up the possibilities of ingredients you haven’t embraced in the past. Before you know it your vegan diet could be a beige plate of carbohydrates. Avoid this by eating plenty of veg in a variety of colours. Not only will this be a much more enjoyable meal, but it will also help provide the nutrition you need.

  • Invest in the right kit

    Making the most of your new lifestyle means changing the way you cook, as well as what you cook. Really make those ingredients sing with our Veggie Pan, which tells you exactly when they’ll be at their optimum in terms of taste, texture and nutrition with its Thermo-Spot indicator. Alternatively, pop them in the ActiFry for delicious results that cut down on the amount of oil needed to cook your dish of choice.

  • Go nuts for nuts and grains

    When it comes to ensuring you’re getting enough protein, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, nuts and grains are a good place to turn. They can be a great snack on the go, but can also make up a substantial part of main meals, where in the past you might have had meat or fish. They’re versatile and shouldn’t be underestimated in their potential uses.

  • Ask the internet

    While a good vegan cookbook is very useful, it’s also worth making the most of the internet for inspiration. Vegan bloggers can offer tried and tested recipes, as well as ideas using unusual alternatives to help you enjoy going meat-free. A quick search may also throw up the answer to your meal-time woes when you haven’t got a lot in the fridge or cupboards to turn to.

  • Go-to recipes

    If you fancy having a go at making your own vegan sausage rolls, check out The Little Blog of Vegan’s easy-to-follow recipe. Start on the path to colourful veg and eating more nuts with Rebel Recipes’ sweet potato, cauliflower and peanut stew. And if it’s your sweet tooth you’re worried about, then have a go at making these chocolate and blackberry cupcakes from Nirvana Cakery.

Get The Most From Your Veg

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