What Would You Do With A Giant 1kg Avocado?

by Tefal Team on 13 November 2018
  • Avocado on toast, it’s a mainstay of the Millennial diet, or so many trendy food bloggers would have us believe. But where do hungry food lovers get the requisite quantity of avocado to satisfy their cravings for this versatile fruit?

    Well, supermarket chain Morrisons may have the answer, with the retailer now selling a giant 1kg avocado that serves up 12 portions from a single purchase. It could be just the winter treat to help stave off the blues of darker nights and cold mornings. Indeed, the creamy, delicious fruit is a perfect addition to any spicy meal.

    Morrisons states that all of its giant avocados will have a guaranteed minimum 70 per cent flesh to 30 per cent stone ratio – in line with the proportions of its smaller counterparts – and will measure up to 25 cm in diameter. They’ll also be a real price-saver for shoppers, costing just £2 each.

  • The retailer’s very own avocado expert James Turner states: “Despite their size, these avocados still have a distinctive creamy flavour. The skin turns from green to black when they’re ripe, so you’ll always know when they’re ready to eat.

    “Because avocados are so popular right now, we think these will fly off the shelves.”

    Now on sale in the majority of Morrisons’ stores, these super-size fruits provide an array of options to avocado lovers, from the aforementioned avocado on toast, through to the retailer’s own delicious recipe for ‘wonky guacamole‘.

  • It goes great with devilled eggs, as a topping for a loaded baked potato, or as a perfect accompaniment to a host of spicy Mexican dishes. Avocado is also a real super food, being packed with fibre, potassium, vitamin E and magnesium, making it a great addition to any healthy diet.

    The monounsaturated fats contained in the fruit are also a boon to those who are looking to bring down their cholesterol, while ounce for ounce, avocados also top the charts for the amount of folate they contain.

    So, all that remains is to dig out your avocado recipes and to give as many as possible a go. We very much doubt you’ll run out of this delicious ingredient anytime soon, as at 1kg a pop, there should be plenty to go around!

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