Get Your Kids Into Curries While They’re Young

by Tefal Team on 19 October 2018
  • Britain has a longstanding love affair with curries, so the chances are you like a cheeky chicken tikka masala or a flaming-hot vindaloo from time to time. Pass this passion onto your kids and they’ll thank you for it in the future.

    What’s more, children who like curries aren’t fussy eaters and will be chomping on veggies, as well as other health-boosting ingredients. Turmeric is being held up as a superfood, so getting it into your kids seems like a good idea.

    October 22nd to 28th is National Curry Week, so there’s no better time to get your kids into curries. To make sure you don’t put them off the dish, you’ll need to be careful about how you put curry on the menu. Luckily, there are some great child-friendly curry recipes out there.

  • Chicken, coconut and tomato curry

    Start your kids off with a really mild curry that contains ingredients they are used to and you’ll be onto a winner. Coconut and tomato are great for adding flavour to curries without too much spice, while they definitely won’t turn their noses up at chicken.

    Follow this recipe from My Fussy Eater for a dish that’s bound to become a family favourite. It’s really quick to make too, so you’ll be able to knock it up for a mid-week dinner on a regular basis.

  • Mango chicken curry

    If your kids have a bit of a sweet tooth, you’ll be able to win them over with a fruity curry. Mango and banana are two fruits that go really well in curries, so recipes that include these are sure to be a hit. You can also up the five-a-day intake without them really noticing.

    My Kids Lick The Bowl has a recipe for a well-balanced curry they’ll love. What’s nice about it is that the blogger also shares her tips on the side dishes she puts out on the table too, so you can do the same. It’s a great way to sneak in yet more fruit and veg.

  • Vegetable curry

    It’s easy to disguise veggies in curries, so you can get kids to eat green stuff they would normally push to one side. Skip the meat and load your sauce with plenty of their five-a-day in a way they’ll never expect. Then, next time they say they don’t like courgettes, you can tell them they ate it in a curry.

    For an easy curry that’s full of colourful veg, follow Eats Amazing’s recipe for vegetable curry. If you haven’t got all the ingredients she uses, then you can swap some of them for whatever you’ve got in your fridge.

  • Salmon curry

    Fish is another thing that kids can be suspicious about, so don’t just put it on a plate with some potatoes and veggies. You guessed it – mix it up in a curry and they’ll never know it’s even there! By the time it’s covered in a tasty coconut milk sauce they’ll probably think it’s chicken anyway.

    Salmon works well in a curry and is full of good omega-3 fatty acids. This recipe from Caroline’s Cooking shows you how to get it right every time, with the flavour coming from milder spices like turmeric and coriander.

  • Mango lassi

    If you like a curry then you’ll know that it’s as much about the things that go with it as the main event. So, you might want to get some naan breads and natural yoghurt to have as sides. To make it that little bit more special, though, give them a mango lassi. This thick, milkshake-style drink will be an instant hit and it’s good to have around if you accidentally misjudge the spices in the curry.

    Use this recipe from Kitchen Tales to get the right amounts of mango, milk and yoghurt in your sticky yellow drink. We don’t think the kids will miss the saffron strands if you want to leave them out and as long as you throw these basic ingredients into the blender, it’s bound to taste good.

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