The Hi-Tech Kitchens Of The Future

by Tefal Team on 18 October 2018
  • You may think that your kitchen’s pretty swish – complete with all the mod cons and a very stylish toaster – but until you’ve got an oven that cooks your dinner on its own, you can think again. The hi-tech kitchens of the future will be a huge leap forward for everyone, even if you think you’d got it pretty good now.

    We’ve welcomed technology into loads of areas of our lives – from smartphones to virtual assistants – but it’s the kitchen that’s going to get the space-age treatment next. Not only will these leaps forward help to make things easier for the average cook, they’ll also be better for the environment.

    One big trend will be controlling fridges and cookers when we’re not even at home. Never mind mulling over tonight’s tea on the commute; you’ll be able to look at an app to tell you exactly what’s in the fridge and it will even give you guidance on what to cook.

  • You will be able to preheat your cooker before you get home and cut down on valuable time that you could be spending with the kids or arguing with your other half. It should mean less food waste and an easier dinnertime.

    Next-generation appliances will be app-controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled and in some cases, even voice-controlled. So, if you do fall out with your husband or wife, you could always talk to the dishwasher instead!

    And to keep your new companion happy, dishwasher tablets and rinse aid will be ordered automatically when they’re running low. A similar feature on fridges will mean you’ll never run out of milk again.

  • Connecting your appliances to an app will mean ultimate hands-off cooking. Just by taking a picture of the contents of your fridge, the app will be able to choose a suitable recipe and select the oven temperature for it to cook, before automatically turning it off when it’s ready.

    There’ll be no need to worry about cooking smells either, as the extractor fan will be adjusted to suit the type of meal you’re making. Add in the food processor that you already have to chop the veg and there really won’t be any work left in making dinner.

    So, it looks like mid-week meals will be revolutionised forever, but maybe we’ll still take time over the recipes we really care about. After all, cooking and baking is a creative activity and something lots of us like to do to relax.

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