Reclaim Your Life After The World Cup

by Tefal Team on 16 July 2018
  • So, the FIFA World Cup 2018 is over, and surely we can all agree that it’s been an emotional, nail-biting ride, that, for once, has resulted in an overwhelming pride (there’s a poem in there somewhere) for the mighty England team. Who would have thought we’d be seriously describing them as ‘mighty’ this time four weeks ago?!

    It might not have physically come home, but a sense of national pride certainly did, and France may have emerged victorious, but it sure was an incredible month of football. So incredible that we’re sure Alan Partridge would describe it as ‘liquid football’, in fact.

  • But, it’s back to work and back to reality today, but how are you meant to readjust after a sunshine-filled month of sport and beer? Wimbledon? Nope, that’s over too. Well, what then?

  • Catch up on Love Island/the soaps

    If you’ve been totally focused on football over the last month, then boy, do you have a lot to catch up on. First of all: Love Island. There are just two weeks until the final airs on Monday July 30th, so you’ve got six whole weeks of action from the villa to binge if you want to have any kind of conversation in the office for the rest of this month.

    And then, of course, there’s all the soaps. If you’ve neglected them for the football over the past four weeks, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do over in Weatherfield, Emmerdale, Walford and Ramsey Street. Thank god for catch-up TV!

  • Become the next Harry Kane

    You’ve probably spent a good chunk of the last month sat either in the pub or on your sofa watching the football with a beer in one hand and something barbecued in the other, so you’re probably not at your match-fit peak right now. But if you want your team to be in with a better shot in Qatar in four years’ time, then you’ve got to take action.

  • Sure, England could have done a whole lot worse – actually, that’s an understatement, who would have dared hope for a semi-final this time last month?! – but Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland didn’t even qualify, so dig out that ball from the garage, lace up your boots and get yourself in training for the next big competition.

    Seriously though, joining a local team or even just having a kickabout with your mates in the park is a great way to get some extra exercise in and boost your social life at the same time. And who knows, you could be scoring Harry Kane-esque hat tricks four years from now.

  • Revise your French

    Want to sound like a winner? Then get brushing up on that French you’ve not practiced since you were at secondary school. Yes, we can all manage ‘bonjour’, but can you discuss the finer details of the final in perfect French? If you’re not ready to quit the football chat just yet, at least that’d be something different, we guess – and a new skill to add to your CV too?

  • Cook only French recipes

    You could use all your newfound football-free time to cook and eat like a champion too. The French sure know a thing or two about food, with its classic cookery methods regarded among the world’s finest.

    Master a traditional bouillabaisse, which is a fancy seafood stew that will earn you serious brownie points on your next romantic night-in – Ron Weasley already rightly pointed out ‘bouillabaisse’ sounds like the noise you make when you sneeze, so you don’t have to; try your hand at a cassoulet, like this one to suit all kinds of dietary requirements from Gluten-Free, SCD and Veggie; or have a go at baking some traditional madeleines using this recipe from Tomorrow is a New Day (or make them easily in our Snack Collection).

  • Get excited about autumn telly

  • Ok, so the best TV event of the year might be over, but there’s so much more to look forward to – autumn telly is always cracking. First up, there’s not long to wait until Sandi, Noel, Paul and Prue return to our screens and the nation gets swept up in GBBO fever once more. Once we’re all sobbing over an underbaked loaf, the World Cup will soon seem like a distant memory.

    Of course, the actual football season will be starting in a few short weeks too, so you don’t need to start seeking treatment for your withdrawal symptoms yet. Remember, it’ll all be okay. Football’s coming home (to your TV screen, soon).

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