Baking: The Answer To All Problems?

by Tefal Team on 19 April 2018
  • Some claim that alcohol is the answer to all of life’s problems. Others suggest that the answer is love, or happiness. But the results of a new survey have revealed the truth, that we at Tefal have known all along – the answer is cake; specifically, homemade cake. And preferably with a cure-all cup of tea.

    Dr Oetker teamed up with psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos for the new Bake Friends report (nicest name for a report ever contender), which shows one in three of us Brits turn to baking whenever we’re feeling stressed. In fact, these baking believers even think making a cake can be more relaxing than sex – blimey!

    Two-thirds of those questioned said that baking helps to improve their mood, which we can fully understand, we just didn’t think it’d be to orgasmic proportions.

  • Moving on, 55 per cent of keen bakers say channelling their inner Mary Berry gives them a real sense of achievement, making them feel much better about themselves, and one in six find it to be a good outlet for their creativity after a long day at work.

    Meanwhile, one-third of us like to bake when the weather’s rubbish – considering  Britain’s dour climate, that’s a hell of a lot of cake – and 64 per cent said they bake simply because they like the taste of baked goods. We can’t think of any better reason tbh.

    The survey results also showed that there’s a real family element to baking for lots of people, with one in seven revealing they have a closely guarded family recipe in their arsenal. One in eight think it’s a great way to introduce the kids to the kitchen – agreed; who doesn’t have fond memories of licking cake mix out of the bowl as a nipper? – and 18 per cent regularly bake with the sole purpose of bringing the family together.

  • Kids wanting to eat dinner away from the table? Partner always working late? Feel like you’ve not seen your teenager for a month? Tell them there’s a homemade cake for after dinner, and you’ll soon be searching for your spare chairs due to overwhelming demand.

    It seems that baking really could be the answer to every problem in life: stress, lack of action in the bedroom, family drifting apart, bad weather, lack of cake in the cupboard.

    We can only think of one thing potentially more relaxing than baking, and that’s watching other people bake. Switch on Netflix, put your feet up, and enjoy the immense gift that is all seven BBC series (the classic Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue era) of The Great British Bake Off. Oh, wait, you’ll soon be up to the Baked Alaska-gate episode. Maybe baking for yourself is more relaxing after all…

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