Introducing: The Tefal Toast N’ Avocado

by Tefal Team on 29 March 2018
  • We’re very excited to announce the launch of a brand new and innovative addition to the Tefal breakfast range: the Tefal Toast N’ Avocado.

    It’s the latest product to join the Tefal breakfast range, which already features the Toast N’ Egg and the Toast N’ Bean, and continues our long history of innovation.

  • Transform your brunch

    Picture the scene: it’s Sunday morning; you toast your sourdough, get out the chilli flakes and measure out a quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper, and slice into your avocado. A trickle of rancid-smelling brown liquid seeps out. It’s a bad-ocado.

  • With the new Tefal Toast N’ Avocado, you will never have to face this brunch-time nightmare again.

    The Tefal Toast N’ Avocado is able to toast two slices of bread at once, while an avocado grows to perfect ripeness at the same time – guaranteeing a perfect, fresh brunch fit for an Instagram snap whenever you want it.

  • Our culture of innovation

    It’s now 64 years since Marc Grégoire began experimenting with what would later become the first non-stick frying pans, and we’re continuing to innovate every day.

    The Toast N’ Avocado is the most recent example in a long line of cookware and kitchen appliance innovations from Tefal, ranging from the world’s first non-stick cookware to the first cordless iron.

    Now, we’re proud to be the first to have achieved what many may have thought impossible: a toaster with an in-built avocado tree. It was once thought that a cordless iron was impossible too, but we’ve always defied the odds.

  • About the Toast N’ Avocado

    Traditionally, it has taken avocado plants at least three or four years to begin bearing their fruit, but Tefal has been working closely with top scientists at the Avi Khado Memorial Research Centre in Florida, US, to change this.

    Avocados need a tropical climate to thrive and, sadly, tropical temperatures are pretty scarce in the UK. However, the team has fitted the Toast N’ Avocado with the latest innovative meteorological technology, to enable the a single avocado to grow within just a few minutes – the exact same time it takes to toast your bread.

  • Dr Millie Neal, lead scientist on the project at the Avi Khado Memorial Research Centre, explained: “Basically, we’ve created a self-contained climate within the toaster, which provides the plants with enough heat to be able to produce perfectly ripe fruit within just a few moments. But it’s perfectly safe; you won’t be at risk of burns from the intense heat.

    “The Toast N’ Avocado also has a microscopic coolant system, which cools avocados down as soon as they are at perfect ripeness. This is measured via a pressure monitor that has been scientifically engineered to test the firmness of the fruit.”

    So, once your toast is done and your avocado picked, all that’s left to do is slice or mash it and get that perfect Instagram angle.

    You can be one of the first to experience the new Tefal Toast N’ Avocado – simply click here to pre-order yours now.