Harry, Lemon, Meghan, Elderflower: Perfection?

by Tefal Team on 22 March 2018
  • Imagine you’ve been invited to The Wedding of The Year (maybe you don’t need to imagine, maybe royalty read the Tefal blog?): the nuptials of HRH Prince Harry to Ms Meghan Markle. You’ve had a proper lovely day, you’ve had a selfie with Barack, you’ve witnessed little Prince George having a tantrum and you’ve felt slightly underdressed next to all the various Commonwealth dignitaries.

    You’ve enjoyed Sheeran’s set at the reception, politely laughed at Wills’ best man speech and tried to make sense of the five-course dinner – you’re not too sure what you were served, but you know it wasn’t chips – and then it’s time for the best part of the day: CAKE!

    You eagerly await your turn as Princess Anne (it’s always an auntie, isn’t it?) dishes out slices on serviettes (although we guess the royal family calls them napkins). You sink your teeth in, psyched to taste the wedding cake of an actual (sort of) princess and your heart sinks. Fruit. Again. That horribly dry, slightly burnt-tasting cake that everyone seems to think is the ultimate celebration dessert, but you absolutely hate.

  • “This is Christmas cake, not wedding cake!” you cry. Auntie Anne shoots you a withering look. Your day is ruined and your memories of The Wedding of The Year tarnished.

    Luckily, you won’t actually have to deal with this nightmare scenario. We don’t mean you won’t be invited to the wedding (we don’t know who you are) and we don’t mean you won’t get an Obama selfie, although technically the guestlist hasn’t been made public yet. We were merely speculating.

    No, what we mean is the guests won’t have to experience that crushing disappointment of biting into a beautifully iced white wedding cake to find a dry fruit mix inside. Instead, Harry and Meghan have opted for a very modern, very classy-sounding lemon and elderflower cake for their big day, baked by Claire Ptak, owner of East London’s Violet Cakes.

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  • Everybody’s new favourite royal couple are throwing convention out of the palace window and going for a cake that’s seasonal rather than traditional, which will be iced with buttercream and decorated with fresh spring flowers.

    Ms Ptak – who’s originally from California like Meghan – said: “Knowing that they really share the same values as I do about food provenance, sustainability, seasonality and, most importantly, flavour, makes this the most exciting event to be a part of.”

    We think it sounds absolutely lovely – a proper tasty cake that shows a bit of imagination and sounds fit for a 21st century prince and princess. Now we just need our invite to arrive…

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