Wardrobe Spring Cleaning: Ultimate Guide

by Tefal Team on 20 March 2018
  • The answer to many problems around the house is often ‘put it in the wardrobe’. Files all over the kitchen table? Shove them in the wardrobe. Too many towels to fit in the bathroom store cupboard? Put them in the wardrobe. Old laptop lying around? It can go and live in the wardrobe. Dining room table leg fallen off? Put it in the wardrobe.

  • The wardrobe soon becomes fuller than Professor Kirke’s, and that had Narnia at the back of it (no, we *definitely* didn’t have to Google who that wardrobe actually belonged to…), yet somehow it contains very few clothes – they’re all over the floor.

    A completely ridiculous situation, but one that we’re going to help you resolve. Right now.

  • Tackle that floordrobe

    Okay, so it might technically be easier to grab your clothes from the floor by your bed when you wake up with precisely two minutes and 26 seconds left to leave the house in the morning, but this is not the kind of treatment that your clothes deserve. Clothes have feelings too. Yep, we said it. You didn’t think toys did either, did you? Woody and Buzz. That’s all we’re saying.

  • Set aside some time to hang up as many items of clothing as you can. Pour yourself a gin first if you think that’ll help. We’re not here to judge. Hanging things up means they’re less likely to need ironing. If they’ve been part of the floordrobe for a really long time though, you might need an extra helping hand from one of our Tefal Garment Steamers, which will help drop out the creases and sanitise the clothes at the same time (because are you sure they’re actually ALL clean clothes?).

    Also, hanging them up means your clothes won’t get quite so covered in dust/dog hair/general bits of floor, so you’ll look a whole lot smarter too. Even when you wake up with two minutes and 26 seconds to spare.

  • If wardrobe space is tight because of all those files/towels/dining room table legs, take the time to put everything away in its proper place. It’ll be worth it in the long run, trust us. And pour another gin if you need to.

  • Be charitable

    The beauty of hanging everything up, and folding what can’t be hung neatly, means you can see exactly what you’ve got. You probably don’t need all 12 of those white t-shirts, and you most certainly do not need to keep those trousers with the skirt attached to the top. We still have no idea what they were all about.

    Anything that’s worn, moth-eaten, has holes in or has most definitely seen better days should be binned. Unleash your ruthless side. You rebel.

  • Decide what you want to keep, using the rule that if it’s not been worn for a whole season, you probably don’t need it. If you were too embarrassed to wear that ‘prosecco-ho-ho-ho’ jumper last Christmas, you probably will be next year too.

    Items in a decent condition are guaranteed to be gratefully received by your local charity shop. It’s a chance to make extra space in your wardrobe while feeling like the kindest person in the world at the same time. There’s bound to be a fellow ‘prosecco princess’ out there who would love that jumper. And we’re almost sure there’ll be someone who wants that mint green and bubblegum pink shell suit too.

  • Make some extra pennies

    If you think your clobber looks decent enough to sell, it’s worth giving this a go too. eBay is the classic place to go to try to make some money from your old clothes, but there are loads of apps available too that you can use to either swap or sell your garms.

  • You’re more likely to get a sale if you’ve uploaded a decent picture of what you’re selling and included a detailed description too that covers size, stretchiness, how worn it is, whether there’s any damage and why you’re getting rid of it. ‘Because it has a fake tan stain that you shouldn’t be able to see if you squint’ is not a valid reason.

  • Unleash your inner Vivienne Westwood

    If there’s something you’re planning to get rid of because it’s got a hole in or it no longer fits but you’ve always loved the fabric or have something of a sentimental attachment to it, it’s time to let your inner fashion designer out and get creative.

    You don’t need to be an expert seamstress to turn your old scuffed jeans into a pair of denim shorts for the summer, or a floral dress that you no longer wear into a tote bag; start by cutting out a big rectangle shape from the main section of the dress, fold it in half, with the lining side facing upright and sew up the sides.

  • Use the sleeves to cut out straps, make sure they’re ‘hemmed’ so they won’t fray and attach them to either side of your big rectangle. Then, turn everything the right way around and you’ll have a super useful and unique bag.

    We give you permission to feel smug with yourself – and you might be feeling slightly tipsy too, if you followed our gin instructions.

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