National Butchers' Week: Meat Medley Meals

by Tefal Team on 12 March 2018
  • Before we begin: veggies and vegans, we’re sorry, but this blog isn’t for you. We’ll have some content that’s more up your street soon!

    Meat-eaters, hi! Did you know that it’s National Butchers’ Week in the UK from Monday March 12th until Sunday March 18th? Yep, it’s basically a week-long celebration of all things meat – and, of course, an excellent chance to put your Tefal OptiGrill to good use.

    Bacon, sausages, ham, gammon, turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, chorizo, burgers, kebabs, three-bird roasts, four-bird roasts, goose, crispy duck – are you salivating yet?! Well, you will be by the end of this post.

    If you usually buy your meat at the supermarket as part of your big weekly shop, National Butchers’ Week is a chance to check out your local butchers’ shop and see what they’ve got to offer. With many high street stores struggling, it’s more important than ever to support small independent businesses, and you’ll probably be surprised at what’s available.

  • It’s easier to ask for a lean cut or a particular rub at your local butchers’ and you can buy exactly what you need to help you cut down on food waste too.

    With these meat medley recipes that all use at least two different types of meat, we’re giving you an excuse to get your meat sweat on – an unattractive state perhaps, but one that comes after eating some amazingly tasty grub, so we’re okay with it – while supporting local business too. Happy National Butchers’ Week everyone!

  • Beef and pork meatballs

    Why have one meat when you can have two? This is the true spirit of National Butchers’ Week in our opinion, and these gorgeous beef and pork meatballs from Foodie Baker are a brilliant way to get into the swing of things properly.

  • Using two different meats gives them an extra lovely taste and they’re excellent served in a simple tomato sauce with spaghetti for a quick midweek meal, as part of a pasta bake or even in gravy with mashed potato. They’re just excellent, basically.

  • Bacon and sausage pizza pasta bake

    Bacon; sausage; pizza; pasta: four of the most excellent foods known to humankind, combined in one dish. A mind-blowing concept, but one that works exceptionally well in this recipe from Lavender and Lovage.

  • It’s basically a pasta bake, but there’s nothing basic about the taste here. The recipe features sausages, bacon and chorizo in a spicy tomato sauce that’s packed with veg and reminiscent of pizza sauce mixed through pasta, topped with cheese and baked in the oven.

    Think all of the taste of a meat feast pizza, but with no base, just pasta and a lot more stuff that’s good for you. An all-round win, we’d say.

  • Pigs in blankets sausage rolls

    We are firm believers that pigs in blankets are for life, not just for Christmas. You just can’t go wrong with sausages wrapped in bacon, but you can take things one amazing step further and wrap them in pastry too to make the ultimate snack: pigs in blankets sausage rolls.

    Why don’t they do this at Greggs?! We don’t know – a definite missed opportunity, if you ask us. But you can easily make them at home.

  • All you need is some ready-rolled puff pastry sheets and your pigs in blankets. Wrap the pastry around the meat, put a few little slits in the top to let the steam out to prevent a soggy bottom during cooking (and because it looks fancy) and bake according to the instructions on the pastry packet.

    Not sure about adding a load of pastry to your double-meat snack? Make your sausage roll a little lighter on the calories by using a tortilla wrap in place of the pastry. You might have to use some beaten egg as glue to hold it in place, but it’ll taste just as good.

  • Cheesy chicken and sausage pie

    What do you usually eat your sausages with? Bacon and egg? Bread and brown sauce? Mash and onion gravy? Not chicken though, right? Well, maybe you should.

  • My Fussy Eater has a lovely recipe for a chicken and sausage pie with a cheesy pastry topping, which is perfect for all the family. It’s a great dish for using up leftover meat, and if you’re struggling to let go of British Pie Week, which ends just as National Butchers’ Week begins. It’s all about the meat pies this month, isn’t it?!

  • Chicken and chorizo jambalaya

    Chicken and chorizo are a match made in heaven. They’re great in a pie, they work well together in a pasta bake or risotto and they’re brilliant in this jambalaya recipe from Marmaduke Scarlet.

  • Jambalaya is a traditional Cajun dish that’s typically made with prawns, chicken, vegetables, rice and spices, but recipes are there to be adapted and if you don’t like seafood, replacing it with chorizo is a great idea, bringing extra meat and extra flavour.

    This is a really simple one-pot dinner, and it’s super healthy too, so pile up your plate and dig in

  • Three-meat tacos

    Pulled pork was the gin of 2014. No, people weren’t getting drunk on it, rather it was the food and drink trend of the moment and you couldn’t walk down a UK high street without six new pop-up pulled pork burger stands getting in the way.

    In the few years since, we seem to have remembered that there are other foods available, but that doesn’t stop pulled pork from being super tasty. You can make it in your Tefal Cook4Me, or you can pop your pork in the oven to cook slowly for a few hours, like Easy Peasy Foodie has done for her Mexican pulled pork taco recipe.

  • But as it’s National Butchers’ Week and we’re all about getting as much meat as is physically possible onto our plates, we think you can take things one step further.

    Make your tacos even more meaty and mighty by adding some beef brisket in there and maybe some fried chicken strips too – because why not? It’s National Butchers’ Week and we want one big meat party.

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