Make It Like Mum Masterclass

by Tefal Team on 05 March 2018
  • Mums are just the absolute best at everything aren’t they? (No offence dads, but you’ll get your turn when we’re on the Father’s Day content in a couple of months…)

    No one makes roast potatoes like mum, no one gives hugs like mum and no one else in the family has that special super power of finding things that have gone missing (seriously, how does she always manage to spot whatever it is straight away even when you’ve looked there 124,867 times already?!). And you’ve never tasted anything quite as special as mum’s lemon drizzle cake – so moist, so sweet, so lemony, so divine.

  • As much as we love our mums though, it’s not ideal having them pop around every time you’ve misplaced something, need a fitted sheet putting on the bed or fancy roast spuds with your tea – you’ve got to learn for yourself eventually.

    With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday March 11th, how lovely would it be if you could be the one to treat mum to that amazing lemon drizzle for once? And how lovely would it be for her to not have to keep driving to and from your house every time you want your bed making? We know you’re guilty of this. We won’t tell anyone though. Mum’s the word.

    So, from the best roast potatoes to a king-size bed, here’s how to make it like mum:

  • Crispy yet fluffy roasties

    Just about everyone is a self-proclaimed expert on what makes the perfect roast potato. Some swear by goose fat, others won’t use anything except duck fat; some keep the skin on, others bash their spuds around in the saucepan to get that extra fluffy coating.

  • But people pretty much universally agree that a good roast potato is crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, with a melty, crumbly texture in the centre that’s like nothing else on earth. Might they have better roasties on Mars, we wonder? Not possible. There is no way to make roast potatoes greater than they already are.

    However, there is a way to make them a little lighter on the calories: the Tefal ActiFry (which would just so happen to make an excellent Mother’s Day present *box ticked*). Big Spud has a great blog that explains how to make ActiFry roast potatoes step-by-step, so you still get all of that classic taste, but with less of the fat.

  • Conquer your king-size bed

    Your king-size bed might be the most comfortable place in the world, but when it comes to making it, you couldn’t hate it any more. The pillowcases and duvet are easy enough to change, but the fitted sheet? *Shudders*.

    If you don’t have someone to help you, you’ve just got to grit your teeth and go for it – what do you think mum does?!

    To start with, everything will look a lot neater when you’re done if you’ve ironed your sheets – but if you’re being lazy, you could use one of our Garment Steamers to give it a quick once over.

  • There’s nothing else for it then except to stretch your sheet over the mattress one corner at a time. Try to position yourself in the middle of the bed while you’re doing this, so if one corner does ping off, you’ve not got quite as far to go to put it back on.

    Ultimately, the secret to conquering making your king-size bed once and for all is patience – something mums have by the bucketload.

  • Make-you-better chicken soup

    Even when you’re 45 and happily married, often all you want when you’re ill is your mum: more specifically, mum’s magic chicken soup. We really don’t know why chicken soup isn’t prescribed instead of penicillin – it’s a proven cure-all.

  • If you’ve got a cold, a bowl of steaming soup full of nourishing protein-packed chicken is great for building your strength back up. This recipe from Gluten Free Cuppa Tea is also perfect if you’ve got an upset tummy and you’re not sure what’s causing it. It’s gluten and lactose free, but tastes just like creamy chicken soup, so it should settle your tummy down in no time.

    Next time mum’s sick, take her a bowl too – mums need mothering too from time to time.

  • Master Yorkshire puds

    Making Yorkshire puddings is another of those things that mums seem to be born good at. You’ve been stuck using frozen packet ones for years, but maybe you’ll suddenly be able to make them expertly from scratch once you’ve had children of your own – who knows?

    Remember that your mum isn’t Mrs Weasley though – she doesn’t have actual magic helping her to cook. She only has the same ingredients and instructions available to you – like this recipe from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen.

  • Make sure you grease your tin properly to stop the batter sticking to the tray, and don’t open the oven door too early, or you’ll risk losing some of that beautiful puffy rise that tastes like dreamy Yorkshire pudding clouds.

    Serve them with a roast on Mother’s Day and we guarantee the rest of the family won’t know whether you or your mum made them. She will though, and she’ll massively appreciate your efforts – a great way to earn the ‘best child’ badge. Even though you’re in your forties.

  • The best lemon drizzle cake

    While chocolate fudge cake is obviously the best type of cake, and birthdays are not birthdays without a classic Victoria sponge filled with buttercream and strawberry jam, there’s something extra special about mum’s lemon drizzle.

    It’s the cake that comes out after tea on a Sunday and there’s always a slice or three waiting for you in a tin even when you pop around unexpectedly. It’s one of those things that tastes just like home, and your mum has probably made in excess of a million over the years.

  • So why not try to replicate her mastery by baking her favourite cake as a super thoughtful Mother’s Day gift? Baking a present is budget-friendly but there’s something about knowing you’ve put time and effort into making it that makes it all the more special than a shop-bought gift. This’ll earn you major brownie – well, lemon drizzle – points.

    The Londoner has a gorgeous recipe for a traditional lemon drizzle loaf cake that’s light, moist and topped with just the right amount of sticky sweet icing.

    After receiving a slap-up Mother’s Day meal made by you, and the news that she doesn’t need to make your bed anymore, mum won’t know what’s hit her. She’ll probably be in need of a gin to get over the shock. So maybe add that to your gift list too…

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