Breakfast In Bed: Dos And Don'ts

by Tefal Team on 01 March 2018
  • Did you know March is National Bed Month? Sadly, most of us have school runs and jobs that we have to get up for so can’t use it as an excuse to spend the entire month in bed, but we do think it sounds like an excellent reason to make the effort to have breakfast in bed once or twice.

  • There’s something that feels incredibly naughty about eating your breakfast in bed in your jammies instead of sat at the dining table fully dressed. As breakfast in bed is a special event, we think it requires a bit more effort than your usual half-burnt toast or slightly soggy bowl of cereal. It’s a chance to treat yourself or to make your other half feel really special. Breakfast in bed when it’s not Valentine’s Day? They’ll wonder what you’re after…

    So with this in mind, here’s a few tips to make sure your gesture is well-received:

  • Do embrace the #bowlfood trend

    #Bowlfood is a big Instagram trend. Usually, it’s brightly coloured bowls full of fresh fruit and veggies and is pretty much all about making sure food looks good enough to get a few hundred likes. Because that’s sadly more important than eating to some these days…

  • We digress. When it comes to breakfast in bed, bowls simply make the most sense. It doesn’t matter if you’re serving up a colourful smoothie or a fry-up in a bowl; as long as you can balance your brekkie easily while sitting up in bed, it’s a winner.

  • Don't serve cereal - major balance issues

    Don’t go putting cereal in your bowl though. All it takes is an unexpected sneeze, cough or an elbow in the wrong place for a bowlful of milk and gritty bits of Crunchy Nut to end up all over the bed. No one wants to sleep on that, do they?

  • Do try to bag some brownie points

    It doesn’t have to be a special occasion or the morning after an argument for you to serve up breakfast in bed. It’s a lovely gesture if that’s the case, but it’s an excellent way to bag some brownie points to store up for the future at any time. Want to go on that night out but they want you to stay in? Just remind them of that time you made them their favourite breakfast in bed…

  • If Shrove Tuesday is their favourite day of the year, then pancakes are surely a must. If they love a fry-up with all the trimmings – including black pudding, even though you can’t stand the devilish stuff – go with that. If you enjoyed a particularly gorgeous breakfast on holiday, try to recreate it. Future you will thank present you when it comes to that night out.

  • Don't be lazy

    Yes, technically a cereal bar from a box and an apple IS breakfast in bed, but that’s not really getting into the spirit of things, is it?

    Put a bit of effort in. Even if it’s a spontaneous decision, you’ll have eggs and milk in and will be able to quickly whip up an omelette. Remember: a few dried herbs can make even the simplest of dishes look extra fancy. You can thank us later.

  • Do channel your inner Jamie Oliver

    Making breakfast in bed is a chance to really show off and cook up an indulgent breakfast. Eating in bed is a treat, and the food that you serve up should be too.

  • Waffles – done in your Tefal Snack Collection, naturally – are always a good option. Try these gorgeously tasty peanut butter and banana ones from My Fussy Eater or do a sweet and savoury mash-up with this recipe for waffles with bacon and maple syrup from Eat Little Bird.

    Get experimental with full English-inspired breakfast pasties like these from Comfort Bites, make Smitten Kitchen’s ‘perfect’ blueberry muffins or bake a cute little breakfast cake in a mug taking inspiration from A Blackbird’s Epiphany.

  • Don't serve toast - it's a nightmare

    Like dogs and Wellington boots, toast does not belong in the bed. Toast is great when we’re rushing out of the door in the middle of the week – in fact, it’s perfect. But on a lazy Sunday morning when you’re meant to be *enjoying* breakfast in bed, it’s a crumb-based nightmare.

  • Crumbs on your pyjamas, crumbs in your pillowcase, crumbs somehow under the fitted sheet. Actual nightmare.

  • Do remember the little touches

    You’ve made your grand entrance into the bedroom pleased as punch with your efforts, carrying the tray, feeling like the best partner in the world. Your other half’s face lights up, and then you realise you’ve forgotten the cutlery, you’ve forgotten to make a drink and never mind forgetting their favourite sauce, you’ve forgotten ALL sauce.

  • Now, you don’t look like the best partner in the world, but more of a bumbling idiot who’s got to spend the next ten minutes running up and down stairs gathering everything you’ve forgotten. Doh.

    Remember to bring up some wipes or kitchen towel too. If you don’t, your bed will soon be a nightmare of stickiness – and not in any kind of good way.

  • Don't do it the day after you've changed the sheets

    Despite your best efforts to avoid toast and milk sloshes, breakfast in bed is always going to be a little bit messy, so it’s probably not the best idea to do it the day after you’ve just changed the sheets. As lovely as breakfast in bed is, it’s not worth having to wrestle with fitted sheets and a king-size duvet cover two days in a row.

    Remember: National Bed Month means there’s a whole month of opportunity.

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