Live Your Best Life Of Pie

by Tefal Team on 01 March 2018
  • Every pastry lovers’ favourite week of the year, British Pie Week, is here. It’s an excuse to eat pastry, hang out the bunting, get messy in the kitchen and maybe treat yourself to a Greggs or three as well – all in the name of marking this important occasion, of course.

  • With pork, steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom, good old meat and potato, classic apple, lemon meringue and banoffee just a few of the nation’s favourite pie varieties, there are so many tasty treats to be enjoyed this week. We’re already salivating, and we haven’t even begun to think about recipes to mark the event with yet.

    So, on that dribble-filled note, let’s go to it then:

  • Breakfast pie feat. bacon and egg

    Pie for breakfast sounds like something we all need to welcome into our lives. Imagine the best bits of a cooked breakfast – bacon and egg, obvs – topped with pastry and served with beans or plum tomatoes. Sounds pretty epic, doesn’t it?

  • Well, you can enjoy this very delight, thanks to this recipe from The Flavor Bender. Baked eggs with thick chunks of bacon, topped with cheese and pastry – we truly cannot think of a better way to start the day. Happy British Pie Week indeed.

  • Chicken curry pie

    Here in Britain, meat pies tend to be quite traditional. There’s pork, obviously and we might get ‘adventurous’ by pimping it up with some apple or some stilton cheese. But a meat pie can be so much more.

    When you’re batch cooking for the week ahead or just for the freezer on a Sunday afternoon, save some of your meals for pies. Bolognese pie, for instance, or chilli con carne pie. Mmm.

  • What about chicken curry pie too? Curry’s excellent on its own, but things are always taken to another heavenly level when pastry’s added into the mix. Eat Like a Girl has a great, easy-to-follow recipe for chicken curry pie if you fancy a stab at this – why wouldn’t you?

  • Mexican tortilla pie

    It’s important to remember that pies don’t have to mean pastry. They could be crustless, they could have a mashed potato topping or they could use something else completely instead of pastry – tortilla wraps, for example.

  • My Biscuits are Burning has a brilliant recipe that very cleverly uses two tortilla wraps to act as the bottom and lid of a pie, filled with chicken fajitas. It’s so so simple to make, so so tasty and a lot lighter on the calories than buttery puff pastry. Next time you’ve got leftovers from fajita night – if that’s a thing that’s even possible – rustle up this.

  • Salted caramel apple pie

    To kick off our sweet pie recipes, it had to be apple pie. But not just any old apple pie. Apple pie updated for the generation that cannot eat any dessert without it incorporating salted caramel somewhere along the way. All in all, a confused generation that has chosen to worship the avocado and cannot make its mind up between sweet and salty, so thus goes for everything.

  • Check out From the Larder’s salted caramel apple pie recipe to make your own extra special version of this absolute classic. It’s sticky, it’s sweet, it’s fruity, it’s salty, it’s crumbly and it’ll melt in your mouth. Divine.

  • Orange meringue pie

    Just as pie does not have to mean pastry, meringue pie does not have to mean lemon. A traditional meringue pie features a shortcrust pastry base, topped with a flavoured curd-style filling (side note: curd is an awful word for something that’s actually delicious) and then little meringue peaks to finish.

  • While lemon obviously works excellently in a meringue pie, there’s nothing stopping you from flavouring your curd filling with subtle vanilla, gorgeous chocolate, sweet butterscotch or seasonal rhubarb instead.

    If this sounds a bit too crazy for you to get your head around, start simple with your adaptations and try Bun Scuffle’s orange meringue pie first. You’ll be whisking up chocolate and pistachio meringue pies before you know it.

  • Chocolate fudge brownie pie

    Chocolate. Fudge. Brownie. Pie. Four of the most beautiful words in the English language, and four words that should absolutely always belong together. And that they do in this indescribably decadent dessert pie recipe from The English Kitchen.

  • Anything that uses chocolate brownie instead of pastry is frankly genius in our eyes. It’s gooey, it’s chocolatey, it’s marshmallowy, it’s sticky, it’s fudgy, it’s probably heaven on a plate. We have definitely reached peak pie.

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