6 Perks of Cooking For One

by Tefal Team on 12 February 2018
  • If you’re single, February can be a tough month to get through. It can seem as though there are happy couples everywhere being generally sickening and rubbing it in your face.

    But we’ve been thinking, and we don’t think being coupled-up is necessarily all that great, particularly when it comes to food. Couples can never decide which restaurant to go to for a start; there’s always one partner who wants Indian, while the other can’t stand spice. There’s usually a fussy half who hates the smell of the other’s favourite food and there’s always the risk that one person is going to end up disappointed with whatever the other serves up.

  • Yes, it might look romantic in Lady and the Tramp when they’re sharing that spaghetti, but they didn’t even get to finish a proper meal each because they had to share!

    You don’t have to contend with any of this if you’re single, and we think that’s a major perk. Here’s six more reasons why cooking for one is better than cooking for two.

  • There's no one around to judge you

    Being single means no judgement. Can’t get enough of curry? You can eat it every single night for two months, if you so wish, without anyone suggesting you have an Italian meal instead. Love putting red AND brown sauce on your bacon butties? Go for it.

  • Want picnic eggs, cocktail sausages, quiche and crisps for dinner? Then have a buffet every night for a week (just remember to eat some fruit and veg elsewhere to stop yourself getting rickets.)

    Eat Nutella-topped chicken, have custard creams and toast for breakfast, sprinkle cheese over your cereal – you can be as weird as you like with your food when you live on your own.

    And it’s not just about what you can eat, but how you eat it too. Slurp your sauce – it won’t be annoying anyone. Lick your plate clean, there’s no need to mess around scraping about with your spoon. Put your beans in a whole separate dish to stop them touching anything else. When you’re single, you’re the boss, so make the most of pleasing yourself with your food.

  • You don't have to follow the rules

    Society might expect you to sit at the table to eat your dinner using a plate and a knife and fork, but if society isn’t watching, you can throw out the rulebook, be a rebel and do whatever you like. That sounds pretty thrilling, doesn’t it?

    Start by ditching the crockery and eating out of the frying pan or saucepan. Your plates and bowls don’t have a handy handle to stop your hands getting too hot, do they?

  • Forget about the cutlery too if you want to go all out with your rebellion. Eat with your bare hands, or simply use whatever (clean) implements you’ve got to hand. Or forget about a normal-sized spoon and literally ladle your food into your mouth.

    Sit on the floor, sit on the sofa, eat in bed, eat in the bath, dine in the nude. These habits can’t be unattractive if there’s no one there to see, can they?

  • There's less washing up to do

    Possibly the best perk of all of cooking for one is that it means less washing up; even more so if you’re making a one-pot meal and eating out of the pan. Hell, you can leave those dirty dishes to stack up for as long as you like and make as much mess as you want – within reason.

    Just think of all the exciting things you can use your time for if you don’t have to wash up every night; more Netflix, or scrolling through Tinder, for example.

  • You don't have to share

    Sure, it’s lovely if you have someone to share a kiss with, or a special moment. But sharing food? No thank you.

    Cooking for one means that you get to eat every last bite of that gorgeous stew or delicious pudding. A whole cake to yourself and no one fighting with you to lick the bowl first? Yes please.

  • Single folk never face the horror of looking in the cupboard only to find the chocolate bar they’ve been looking forward to all day has been eaten, and they never have to let someone else have a taste of their duck in orange sauce when it was perfectly visible on the takeaway menu and THEY COULD HAVE EASILY ORDERED IT FOR THEMSELVES. Sorry for getting angry, we know we shouldn’t hold grudges…

  • You can eat smelly food without bothering anyone

    Are you a member of the ‘a meal isn’t complete unless it contains at least four cloves of garlic’ club? Hi! You can eat as much garlic as you like if you don’t have to worry about kissing anyone and you can stink your fridge out with all of the smelliest foods.

  • Have kippers and boiled eggs for breakfast, sprouts fried up with bacon and topped with stilton for lunch and a garlicky pasta dish for tea. Bask in those lovely cooking aromas and appreciate the fact you can enjoy your favourite foods without having to brush your teeth five times a day to keep someone else happy.

    Also, if you’re cooking for another person, you have to bear their spice tolerance in mind. But cooking for just you means you can have your food as spicy – or as mild – as you like. Recipe calls for one chilli? Use five if you like. No one will be around to deal with the consequences, so give your taste buds what they crave.

  • You can take all the glory for an excellent meal

    There’s an immense sense of satisfaction that comes with preparing a meal from scratch all  by yourself. Singletons don’t have to share that feeling of smugness with anyone and can take all of the glory for themselves.

    A big #Foodstagram poster? Post your food pic and watch the likes roll in, knowing that they’re all for your efforts, without you needing to credit your other half.

  • Of course, you might want to find a partner eventually, but make the most of being able to cook just for yourself for now – it really can be a lot more fun than cooking for two. And use your single days to perfect the dishes you’ll wow a date with in the future; food is the way to pretty much everyone’s heart.

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