Make A Meal Of Your Pancakes

by Tefal Team on 08 February 2018
  • Arguably the best day of the year besides Christmas and your birthday is coming: Pancake Day. This year, Shrove Tuesday falls on February 13th and, while we’re still waiting for the government to declare it a Bank Holiday, we’re planning to spend the day eating as many pancakes as physically possible.

    Obviously, there’ll be the classic lemon, sugar and Nutella toppings, but we’ll also be making woodland animal-shaped ones in our new Tefal Squirrel Pancake Pan, and trying to fit them into our meals wherever possible.

  • Pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes please. Bread is so every other day of the year; we’re all about the pancakes on February 13th.

  • Pancake breakfast tacos

    Tacos for breakfast sounds like something we can definitely get behind – even more so if the taco shells are replaced with pancakes, following in the footsteps of A Side of Sweet, who has a frankly genius recipe for breakfast tacos with bacon and eggs on her blog.

  • Her ‘tacos’ (pancakes) are stuffed with crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, fresh herbs and a sprinkling of cheese to get your Pancake Day off to an absolutely excellent start. Added hot sauce is optional, but a must if you need a bit of a kick to wake you up first thing.

  • Pancake burgers

    Now, we’ve seen some erm, interesting replacements for burger buns in recent times: donuts, waffles, giant mushrooms and even lettuce leaves, for instance. The clash of sugary donuts and beef is a bit baffling for the taste buds, while leaves don’t quite have the same filling power as your usual brioche bun. But pancakes? A pancake burger sounds pretty excellent

  • James Vs Burger, who sounds like he knows a lot about burgers with that blog name, has sandwiched his beef patties in between two homemade fluffy pancakes. Ketchup, cheese, bacon and fried onions would bring this dish to a whole other level.

  • Pancake quesadillas

    We enjoyed the idea of turning pancakes into a Mexican-style breakfast so much that we propose using them as part of a Mexican lunch too, in the form of pancake quesadillas.

  • Simply replace your usual tortilla wrap with a crepe-style pancake and fill it with veggie chilli or spicy chicken and guacamole – and cheese, always cheese. Builicious has a great recipe for these pancake quesadillas for you to follow if you need a bit more guidance.

    Top Tefal team tip: All of that melty cheesy spicy pancake goodness dipped in a pot of homemade salsa will crank up the taste an extra notch. You can thank us later.

  • Pancake lasagne

    Pancakes as a pasta substitute? We guess it could work if you shredded your pancakes and mixed them in with a bolognese sauce? Or cut thick tagliatelle-style strips and covered in a creamy carbonara? Maybe.

    But one pasta dish where pancakes definitely work is lasagne. You could make your favourite crepe-style pancakes and your usual lasagne sauce and layer it all up, or you could follow this recipe from Kellie’s Food to Glow for a gluten-free lasagne, featuring vegan pancakes made from chickpeas.

  • It might be a little bit unusual, but the taste is worth the effort, and it’s perfect if you’ve got guests with different dietary needs coming to your pancake party. Finish it off with some free-from cheese.

  • Pancake pizza!

    If we were told we could only eat either pizza or pancakes for the rest of our lives, we honestly don’t know what we’d do. Except sweat a lot. But maybe we could get around the conundrum by eating pancake pizzas? Please?

  • A Little Lusciousness has a brilliant recipe for meat feat pancake pizzas that shun traditional pizza dough in favour of pancakes – a snub we’re completely in favour of. Of course, you can top them with whatever you like; veg, meat, different types of cheese, herbs, spices – anything!

  • Strawberry cheesecake pancakes

    Dessert’s a meal, right? Well, it most definitely is on Pancake Day, that’s for sure. Forget the traditional lemon and sugar and step things up a level with these excellently decadent strawberry cheesecake pancakes from Art From My Table.

  • A stack of pancakes covered with strawberry sauce and sandwiched together with cream cheese? We can’t think of a better way to finish off Shrove Tuesday tbh.

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