Breakfast Pizza, Main Pizza, Dessert Pizza

by Tefal Team on 08 February 2018
  • Seeing as occasions like Christmas, Easter and Pancake Day (buy our Squirrel Pancake Pan, plz) get a day to themselves, it’s only right that one of the most amazing creations known to man does too: pizza. Yep, that’s right, National Pizza Day is a thing, and this year it falls on Friday, February 9th.

    A whole day dedicated to the love of pizza really should be a national holiday, but while it’s not (yet), we’ll settle for eating pizza for every meal throughout the day instead. It is a Friday after all, so what else would we be eating?

  • Here’s how to have pizza for breakfast, pizza for dinner and pizza for dessert, while maintaining a reasonably balanced diet:

  • Bacon and egg pizza

    While eating pizza for breakfast every day probably isn’t the best idea, for a special occasion like National Pizza Day or a lazy Sunday morning, we think it’s pretty genius. The pizza base is basically your bread substitute, so it’s really just classic bacon and eggs, but with dough instead of toast.

  • This recipe from Baked by an Introvert for a bacon and egg breakfast pizza is great to share, especially after a night out. Forget cold takeaway pizza for breakfast, this is the only hangover cure you’ll ever need. Add any other favourite breakfast foods you fancy too – sausage would work brilliantly, but we’re not too sure that the same can be said for beans.

  • Millennial breakfast pizza

    Bacon no longer does it for some people and it’s all about the avocado instead. We agree that avocado has its merits – it’s great mashed up with chilli to dip nachos in, for instance – but mashed avo just isn’t as good as bacon. Sorry.

  • But if it’s on top of a pizza, we might think a little differently about it. Poppy Loves has a recipe for a breakfast pizza topped with avocado and eggs, which might sound unusual, but actually makes a really filling brekkie or brunch. If you’ve got the time, you can make your own pizza dough, but Poppy suggests using a pitta bread or tortilla wrap as your pizza base to make things extra simple.

  • Hunter's chicken pizza

    Hunter’s chicken: pub food classic and weekday dinner favourite. Chicken, wrapped in bacon and covered with barbecue sauce and cheese is always going to be a winner – so imagine those flavours on a pizza. We see you there, sitting up a little straighter. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  • Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen’s recipe for a homemade barbecue chicken and pizza perfectly incorporates the flavours of Hunter’s chicken, making it almost seem like two meals in one – the best kind of meals.

  • Bolognese calzone

    A calzone is basically a folded pizza, or a pizza pasty, if you will, so we think they definitely deserve some recognition this National Pizza Day.

  • Putting any leftovers you’ve got lying around or a portion of your batch cooking efforts on/in a pizza is a great way to use them up, so next time you make a spag bol, make extra bolognese sauce so you’ve got enough left for this meaty calzone by A Mummy Too. We might do things the other way around though: make the calzone, and if there’s any leftover, maybe have a spag bol. Or another calzone…

  • Curry pizza

    Why choose between curry and pizza when you can have both?! Putting chicken tikka on a pizza sounds like a pretty genius idea to us, so we applaud Pepper Chilli and Vanilla’s recipe for chicken tikka pizza.

  • Replacing classic tomato-based pizza sauce with curry paste is something we can certainly get on board with and we might have to experiment with different types in future: korma pizza, madras pizza and vindaloo pizza all sound like equally exceptional options.

  • Fruity chocolate pizza

    We all know that pizza is one of the sweetest inventions of all time, but have you ever had a sweet one in the literal sense of the word? If not, you’re missing out big time. Who says pizza has to be savoury? No one, that’s who.

  • Using blitzed nuts, coconut oil, dates and cocoa powder to create a crunchy chocolatey base, before topping it with cream cheese, Greek yoghurt and chopped fruit to make a dessert pizza was a great idea from My Fussy Eater, and we reckon you could easily turn this into another type of breakfast pizza by crushing up cereal for the base. Sweet pizza for breakfast? Dream come true.

  • Cheesecake pizza

    Simply Stacie has stepped things up another notch on the dessert pizza front with her cherry cheesecake pizza, which features a sweet pizza dough topped with classic cheesecake topping.

  • When you bite into it, your mind doesn’t quite know what’s happening with the taste and texture of pizza and cheesecake all in one, but it will know it’s amazing.

    See, we told you it was possible to eat pizza for every meal, and still get in plenty of fruit and veg too!

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