Why Slimming Foodie Loves ActiFry

by Tefal Team on 01 February 2018
  • We just love our ActiFry health fryer. We could literally spend all day going on about how amazing it is. But we really wanted to know why you at home love it. So, we asked someone who uses ActiFry regularly to write a guest blog and share with us what they think.

    And who better than our very own Slimmer’s Secret Supercook winner, Pip (aka Slimming Foodie).

    Our Slimmer’s Secret Supercook competition saw six foodie phenomenons develop their very own taste bud-tingling recipes for the ActiFry. Pip’s entry was a mouth-watering chicken satay fried rice.

    Then it was up to you at home to vote for you favourite. Pip’s was deemed the tastiest and was crowned the Supercook champion.

    Pip’s food philosophy is all about enjoying healthy delicious food that is easy and affordable to make at home. So, we were really interested to see how ActiFry works for her…

  • What Pip Says:

    I’ve had my Tefal ActiFry for 8 months now, and it’s definitely become one of my kitchen essentials, so much so that I recently took it on a girls weekend away! What I really love about the ActiFry is the hands-off approach to cooking. It’s so perfect for those evenings where you are rushing around trying to complete a million things at once, as it constantly stirs for you so you don’t have to think about what you’re cooking until you hear the beep telling you that it’s ready!

    Now I do have to admit that my ActiFry is mainly used to cook potatoes in different ways – of course it produces a perfect chip (my favourites come with using maris piper potatoes, and olive oil), but I also use it to do sauté potatoes for fried breakfast (this is why it came with me on my girls’ weekend recently – I was cooking breakfast for 14 and knew it would be much less stressful if the ActiFry was taking care of the potato side of things!), plus you can cook awesome roast potatoes in it (check out these gorgeous ones from Katy Kicker!), or gorgeous curly sweet potato fries like these ones from Eats Amazing!

  • The ActiFry is so much more versatile than just potatoes though. One of my favourite meals to cook is a very quick paella – I use pre-cooked rice and just add in whatever I have in, along with paella spices, lemon juice, and zest and it’s lovely every time. In fact, the ActiFry really works beautifully with rice dishes because the constant movement of the paddle prevents sticking and clumping, and for a risotto style dish it saves you standing over the pan and stirring! One of my favourite all-in-one rice dishes is this Thai style chicken satay fried rice – it’s so simple to make but really delicious!

    Chicken is also one of my favourite ingredients for the ActiFry. I make my children delicious crispy (but healthy!) chicken nuggets. I also adore these sweet chilli chicken wings from A Glug of Oil. The ActiFry is so effectively non-stick that it’s perfect for cooking things like this – you would need to use a lot more oil to get such a successful result in a frying pan. Another gorgeous, simple, chicken dish is this lemon pepper chicken from The Crazy Kitchen – it just takes a couple of minutes to throw everything in!

    The ActiFry is brilliant for anyone trying to eat more healthily as it’s an easy way of controlling the amount of fat going into home cooking and needs so little oil for perfect results. The super non-stick coating prevents the sticking that you’d often get with oven baking or frying, and as it’s so easy to create delicious dishes in it I find that often I would turn to it before thinking of a takeaway, for example this lamb kebab recipe is so tasty!

  • I love taking inspiration from other bloggers and from Pinterest about new things to try. Next on my list is to have a go at making meatballs in my ActiFry – these sweet and sour meatballs sound incredible! I also definitely want to try some curries after seeing this delicious prawn and mango curry from Grace at Eats Amazing!

    I’ve found that I’m incorporating my ActiFry more and more into my cooking routines and I also love that it goes through the dishwasher, so doesn’t create a lot of extra washing up! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to do more day-to-day cooking with my children who are 7 and 5, so that they can learn some essential kitchen skills. The ActiFry is a fantastic, safe way to get them involved, as they can cook without the safety issues of open flames and hot ovens – this week we are going to try out crispy lemony fish goujons!

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