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by Tefal Team on 31 January 2018
  • It’s now February, which means you’re quite possibly on your second – or even third – diet of the year already. We’re four weeks into 2018, so there’s been enough time to try cutting out carbs, upping your protein intake, consuming only smoothies and eating nothing but eggs (we’re not making this up, the egg diet is a thing – Google it), with wildly varying weight loss results from each.

    According to new research from cheesemakers Laughing Cow, we actually tend to stick to each diet we try for six weeks on average, so forgive us for being a little harsh above.

    Folk living in Leicester are especially good at sticking to diets, losing the most weight in a year on average (19 lbs) when compared to the residents of other cities. From the dizzy heights of their Premier League win in 2016, Leicester has come crashing down to be crowned the biggest loser city in the UK. It’s still a sort of compliment though. And maybe the unexpected victory of Jamie Vardy and co two years ago has inspired some of the city’s residents to go after their goals, netting an average loss of 6.6 lbs per diet.

  • Oxford residents were named the next biggest losers, managing to shed 6.3 lbs each time they set out to change their eating habits, while Liverpudlians came next on the list, losing 5.9 lbs per diet on average.

    Even though it might often feel like just about everyone in London is constantly on a diet, the capital’s residents are only losing 4.1 lbs per diet – and with each healthy eating kick lasting for around six weeks, that’s not even a pound a week. Norwich fared even worse, losing just 4 lbs each time – but we still have to applaud residents’ efforts, as striving to eat healthier is definitely something to be encouraged.

    Laughing Cow found that it usually takes just five days of eating better to lose some weight. This might be why so many people end up ditching their diets after such a short time. You’ll typically lose more in your first few weeks of dieting than you will further down the line, but it’s important to not give up and go back to your old ways, as that’s when the weight will creep back on.

  • Then you’re in a vicious cycle, and then there are treats to contend with too. Chocolate was ranked as the number one diet-ruiner, while other survey respondents admitted to succumbing to temptation when crisps, biscuits and sweets came into the picture. Cutting these out of a diet completely is where many people fall down.

    Instead of embarking on a diet, committing to eating a healthier, balanced diet over the long term is a much more sensible approach. You’re more likely to stick with it if you’re thinking of it as a lifestyle change rather than a ‘diet’, which sounds a little temporary.

    Cut down on the amount of chocolate, junk food and processed grub you’re eating and make sure you’re getting lots of fibre, protein and fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, and allow yourself the occasional treat too.

    Being the biggest loser doesn’t sound great, does it? Enjoy everything in moderation instead.

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