Bacon, Ketchup, Brew: Brits' Perfect Brekkie

by Tefal Team on 12 January 2018
  • Your fruit smoothie might be healthy and refreshing on a weekday morning and your hearty porridge might be the best option to keep you full until lunchtime but, let’s be honest, nothing beats a good old bacon butty, does it? Sorry veggies – although veggie bacon does still count!

    According to research carried out by Holiday Inn Express, a classic bacon sandwich is the favourite brekkie of two-thirds of Brits, with three-quarters saying it sets them up nicely for the day ahead.

    Some 47 per cent of people even said they were unable to eat eggs if bacon wasn’t involved, because everything is better with bacon.

  • The formula for the ultimate bacon sandwich-eating experience was found to be ketchup + back bacon + buttered bread  + a mug of English breakfast tea = breakfast heaven.

    Yep, we’re sorry brown sauce fans, but the people have spoken and ketchup has come out on top.

    And the best time to tuck into a bacon sarnie to get the most from this top dining experience was voted as on a lazy Saturday morning, when there’s nothing else on and there’s time to savour every single bite. Fry that bacon to a crisp, let that egg yolk dribble down your chin and lick that ketchup off your fingers. *Salivates*.

  • The smell of a bacon sandwich was ranked as one of its most appealing factors too, with one in four bacon fanatics saying that the aroma of frying bacon was always guaranteed to entice them out of bed.

    Meanwhile, one in five said the scent (aside: talking of scent, why is bacon perfume/aftershave not a widely available product?) of bacon cooking reminded them of their childhood, showing that Brits are a nation raised on the humble bacon sandwich.

    One in three of us prefer our bacon butties to be made by someone else, taking that lazy Saturday morning to a whole new level with breakfast in bed. Forget those images of angels, harps and fluffy clouds – this is what heaven looks like.

  • Now, there were a few pretty controversial findings in the research too (well, a lot, if you prefer coffee and brown sauce and despise eggs). But the one that stood out to us the most was the fact that two per cent of people/posers/hipsters do not believe that a bacon sandwich is complete unless it contains avocado.

    We have several questions about this: Do they have butter with their avocado? Does ketchup go with avocado? We’re not even sure that we want to try that.

    While we ponder these conundrums, all of this talk of bacon has made us hungry, so we’re off to make a sandwich – and then get in bed to eat it for the full sensual experience.

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