Brits 'Prefer Sprouts to Turkey'

by Tefal Team on 14 December 2017
  • Christmas dinner is the meal we look forward to most all year. We spend weeks preparing for it, searching for the biggest turkey we can find, peeling mountains of potatoes, wrapping bacon around sausages and carefully considering which of our trousers are the stretchiest and most comfortable to accommodate our over-indulgence. And then one per cent of us spoil the fun by adding baked beans to our plates.

    Yep, that’s what YouGov found after asking Brits which food items they thought were most vital on their Christmas dinner plate. People were united in the fact that roast potatoes were the most essential part of a festive feast, with 85 per cent demanding that these are on their plate this Christmas.

    Gravy came next on the list, but still only three-quarters of respondents picked this as vital, which means 25 per cent of us are tucking into dry roast dinners on Christmas Day.

  • In third place is stuffing, rated as essential by 66 per cent of Brits, with carrots following closely behind (65 per cent), then Brussels sprouts (62 per cent).

    In a shockingly low sixth place are pigs in blankets, which were voted for by 61 per cent of those surveyed. Yes, that’s right – carrots AND sprouts came higher than pigs in blankets. Why?! Little succulent sausages wrapped in gorgeous streaky bacon were deemed less important than over-boiled sprouts? What is happening to the world?!

    Parsnips came next, with 57 per cent of people rating these as essential on Christmas Day, followed by turkey. Just over half (52 per cent) of Brits said they have turkey on their Christmas dinner plates, even though it tends to be the item we associate with the meal most.

  • But ten per cent controversially opted for beef instead, eight per cent played it safe by picking chicken, six per cent went for goose and three per cent chose ham or pork. Eight per cent picked a veggie alternative, suggesting that they may also be missing out on pigs in blankets, pork stuffing and meaty gravy, which are essentials for many. However, they do still get to enjoy the ultimate Christmas dinner addition, roast potatoes (as long as no goose or duck fat is involved, of course). In fact – *product plug alert* – you only need one spoonful of oil for a kilo of potatoes if you make your roasties in a Tefal ActiFry.

    After turkey, peas were named as the next most important Christmas dinner ingredient, voted for by 39 per cent of Brits, with cranberry sauce coming in tenth with votes from 38 per cent of people. The debate over whether you should mix cranberry sauce and gravy on your plate and potentially end up with your meal sitting in a pool of fruity meaty liquid is a tough one, and we have to say that we’d pick gravy over cranberry sauce every time. Sorry.

  • But then we’ve also got two per cent of people adding tomato ketchup to their Christmas dinner and that baffling one per cent adding baked beans. We just have so many questions about this: do they have gravy and cranberry sauce too? Is it a case of ketchup being chosen over gravy? Why do tomato sauce-based foods need to be on a Christmas dinner plate at all?

    Meanwhile, three per cent have rice with their Christmas dinner and two per cent have chips. Chips?! We believe that roast potatoes are top of the potato hierarchy and we welcome any opportunity to eat them. Chips probably do come second, but we’re happy to live without them for one day while we tuck into those crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-in-the-middle chunks of roasted potato. *Wipes away drool*.

    So, where do you stand on the matter? Do you truly believe that sprouts are better than pigs in blankets? Should baked beans even come within three days either side of a Christmas dinner? Or do you add something just as strange, like doner meat or Alphabetti spaghetti, to your Christmas dinner? Nothing surprises us anymore. But we’re judging regardless.

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