Grand Slam Recipes to Ace Your Wimbledon Menu

by Tefal Team on 07 July 2017
  • We can’t all be courtside when Wimbledon starts serving up great tennis on July 3rd, but we can at least enjoy the highs and lows of the famous Grand Slam at home. Of course, if you really want to bring the Wimbledon atmosphere into your home, it isn’t all about the tennis.

    Wimbledon is just as well known for its food, with specific ingredients being just as iconic as the tennis championships. There’s no doubt that when you think of Wimbledon, your mind goes straight to strawberries – not surprising considering 28,000kg of the fruit gets served up – Pimms and cucumber sandwiches.

    While you can enjoy all of these foods at home without the worry of a rain delay, it’s worth serving up something extra special for the tournament. With this in mind, we’ve found some great recipes to try that are inspired by the dishes Wimbledon wouldn’t be the same without.

    • Strawberry and champagne jelly

      Champagne is a staple of the Wimbledon watching diet, with around 29,000 bottles being emptied each tournament. This seems to us like the perfect excuse to indulge in a glass or two of bubbly. However, you can also try this Grand Slam dessert from Rachel Phipps to make your champers even more special. Serve it up in champagne saucers for a bit of flair and you’ll be onto a winner; game, set and match.

    • Rhubarb, strawberry and ginger tarts

      It’s not possible to have Wimbledon without strawberries, and to suggest otherwise is sure to elicit gasps from the crowds. So why not enjoy all the flavours of the season by whipping up this delicious tart from Cook Sister? The combination of strawberries and rhubarb is wonderfully sweet, while the ginger adds a lovely depth. Of course, a big dollop of cream is still the recommended accompaniment.

    • Hot Italian sausage

      With around 60,000 sold each year, one of the most popular items being served up at Wimbledon is the Dutchee sausage, a spicy version of a hot dog that isn’t sold anywhere else. While the recipe is a secret, you can get close to the Dutchee with this brilliant hot Italian sausage recipe from The Healthy Foodie. Serve them up with a nice crusty bread roll and you’re sure to feel like your courtside.

    • Boozy strawberry syllabub

      You can’t really have Wimbledon without Pimms, as the summer cup drink goes hand in hand with the event. In fact, 320,000 glasses are served up each year. While a glass of Pimms is perfect for watching the tennis, you can also use the tipple in desserts. This delicious syllabub from Fuss Free Flavours is a grown up version of strawberries and cream that is sure to leave you 15/love up.

    • Cucumber and vanilla jam

      Britain in general, as well as Wimbledon, has become known for cucumber sandwiches, but these are far from the most interesting option when it comes to food. So why not turn your cucumber into something a bit more unusual? Bun Scuffle’s recipe for cucumber and vanilla jam is incredibly tasty and works perfectly with clotted cream to create a sweet version of the staple cucumber sandwich.

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