70% of Brits Love a Good Picnic!

by Tefal Team on 16 June 2017
  • National Picnic Week (June 16th to 25th) has now begun, which seems perfect as we’re being promised a heatwave over the next few days. What better excuse to make the most of the sunshine than to lounge about eating delicious picnic food? It seems that most of you agree too, as around 70 per cent of brits head out for picnics during the summer.

    Even when the weather doesn’t particularly want to play ball, it can’t dampen our spirits, as an estimated 94 million picnics take place each year in the UK – we definitely don’t get enough good weather for all of them!

    This year, it is expected that National Picnic Week is going to be bigger than ever – we’re sure the weather forecast helped – with people across the country packing up their scotch eggs and sandwiches and finding a picturesque spot to eat. Not only is a picnic a great day out, it is also a cheaper option than heading to a restaurant.

  • More and more people seem to agree with this, as Brits are around 285 per cent more likely to pack a picnic for a day out than they were 15 years ago! This means you might want to scope out your picnic spot as early as you can to avoid the crowds this week.

    Founder of National Picnic Week Adam Cox said: “With a heat wave expected, we’re expecting more picnics during National Picnic Week than ever before. I’d recommend in addition to taking a wide variety of food and a nice large blanket to bring the sun tan lotion. We want the UK to celebrate the very best of our parks, beaches and scenic sites so get organising your picnic now!”

  • Whether you’re heading to the park, beach or even just popping out to eat in your back garden, you’ll find some delicious recipes on our blog here to ensure you can pack up more than the standard cheese sandwiches and slightly warm squash.

    “Picnic Week is all about coming together and trying something new, getting friends and families out to the best places that the UK has to offer. Add some variety to your picnic by taking three foods you have never taken to a picnic before,” continued Mr Cox.

    So what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy a picnic now!

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