Healthy On-The-Go: Quick Recipes Without The Calories

by Tefal Team on 23 May 2017
  • Eating healthy foods isn’t as easy as we might like it to be, especially when it comes to grabbing breakfast or lunch on-the-go. It can be far too convenient to pick up some fast food or a meal deal from the closest shop, both of which may be easy options but they certainly aren’t healthy.

    On the other hand, there are only so many salad bowls you can eat in a week, so you’re probably feeling well and truly over lettuce by the time Wednesday lunchtime comes around.

    But you don’t need to just pick up anything, no matter how unhealthy it is when grabbing a quick bite. If you’re able to put some time in the day before to make your lunch ready to take out of the fridge on the way out of the door, you could enjoy quick lunches that don’t have all the extra calories.

    To help you steer clear of soggy meal deal sandwiches and sugar-laden breakfast muffins, here are some great on-the-go ideas that will keep you feeling full until dinner:

  • Easy wraps

    Rather than carb-filled sandwiches picked up as you’re hurrying to the office, wraps are a great option for lunch. Tortilla wraps – especially wholemeal ones – aren’t as heavy as sandwiches, go with almost any filling and are easy to eat whether you’re sitting down or standing up.

    Just like sandwiches, you can put almost anything you fancy in them and they can also be eaten hot or cold. Choose healthy ingredients that will help you feel satisfied and cut down the calories and you’ll be onto a winner. Try this great recipe for grilled chicken and avocado wraps from My Gorgeous Recipes and you’ll never go back to supermarket sarnies.

    Alternatively, make up some wraps for breakfast and enjoy a solid meal during your commute or the school run. Cookie and Kate have a great recipe for breakfast burritos that can be batch cooked and stored in the freezer, making it easy to ensure you have one ready for every day of the week.

  • Cook up quiche

    Another freezable option that can be enjoyed for both breakfast and lunch, as well as eaten hot or cold, is quiche. Whipping up a quiche on a Sunday will keep you going for the full week, especially as you can team it with a variety of different sides to keep things interesting.

    Whether you go crustless to cut down the calories further or use a thin layer of pastry to make it easy to eat on-the-go, quiche can keep those hunger pangs at bay. Try The Kitchen Shed’s recipe for spinach and mushroom quiche or try throwing in other ingredients you fancy.

    Once your quiche has cooled, slice it up and package each slice individually so your lunch is ready when you are. Alternatively, make individual portions by cooking your mixture in a muffin tin, like Sugar-Free Londoner does for her chorizo egg muffins.

  • Salads with a twist

    If you’re a fan of salad but fed up with the lack of options that are ready made in the shops, you might want to try making up a big batch that can be refrigerated and last all week. Rather than the typical garden salad, which is good for you but can be far from filling, make yours with healthy ingredients that also leave you feeling satisfied.

    Quinoa is great for eating at lunch as it is chock full of protein and full of slow-release energy to help you avoid that mid-afternoon slump. It is also really tasty and ideal if you need something quick before getting back to work.

    Try Well Plated’s sweet potato, quinoa and black bean salad for a filling and tasty option. You can team it with some salad greens if you like, as well as grilled chicken if you want to bulk it out further. Either way, it’s going to be delicious.

    If you have a bit more time for a larger lunch and a little more prep, give this recipe for healthy chicken shawarma and quinoa bowls from Peas and Crayons a try, which are ideal if you love something with a bit more spice.

  • Who can forget the sweet treat?

    Not picking up lunch from a shop means that you’ll have less chance to indulge your sweet tooth. While this is probably a good thing for your waist line, having something sweet and healthy can help you beat cravings for foods that are going to be even worse for your diet.

    We all know that we can pick up a piece of fruit for a quick burst of sweetness, but sometimes we need something a little more indulgent. However, you still want to make things healthy, so why not try these peanut butter and honey flapjacks from Jam and Clotted Cream?

    The peanut butter adds a lot of protein, while the oats are nice and filling. They’re even a great option for breakfast on-the-go! If you want to add a touch of chocolate, pop some unsweetened dark chocolate drops into the mix too.

    Now you have no excuse not to eat healthy food no matter how busy you are.

  • Featured image credit: Peas and Crayons

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