5 Ways to Enjoy In-Season Salmon This Spring

by Tefal Team on 31 March 2017
  • Spring is one of the best times of year for food. With so many great ingredients coming into season, you’ve got a lot of choice when it comes to whipping up delicious meals.

    One of the best ingredients to get your hands on over the next couple of months is salmon, offering you the chance to make a huge variety of dishes. There are more ways to serve up salmon than smoked on a bagel, poached or grilled, so this April is the ideal time to try something a bit different.

    Whether you want a light and quick meal or something a bit more filling, salmon is a fantastic option. You can also cook it from fresh or frozen, ensuring there is a fillet of fish to suit all budgets.

    To help you make the most of this delicious and versatile fish and enjoy some great meals this spring, we’ve found some brilliant recipes for you to try. Here’s how to really enjoy salmon and try some different ways of cooking it:

    • Salmon, asparagus, tomato & basil risotto

      Risotto is a great meal for spring as it is reasonably easy to make, allows you to pack in a lot of flavours and is filling without being too heavy. Whether you serve it up with a side salad or a couple of slices of garlic bread, risotto is sure to become a firm favourite, especially if you try this recipe from Emily’s Recipes and Reviews. As well as salmon, this recipe makes the most of other seasonal ingredients, creating a fresh and tasty dish.

    • Cottage cheese kale & smoked salmon frittata

      Salmon is perfect for light bites on a warm spring day, meaning it is ideal for serving up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can have all three meals covered with this delicious frittata recipe from Supergolden Bakes. It uses smoked salmon so is packed with flavour and is a great option if you want to make something ahead of time, as well as serving up straight away. On top of this, it’s a healthy recipe that is sure to fool the whole family.

    • Creamy salmon bake

      As much as we would like spring to be all sunshine and high temperatures, the joy of living in Britain means we’ll be dealing with a few chilly days. This is why it’s a good idea to have some comfort food recipes up your sleeve even in spring. Taming Twins has just the thing that will keep you warm, fill you up and still allow you to enjoy a great seasonal ingredient.

    • Salmon tacos with fresh salsa & avocado sauce

      If you are lucky enough to enjoy a sunny spring day that needs a fresh and light meal, look no further than Life’s Little Sweets’ recipe for mouth-watering salmon tacos. The ideal sharing dish, these tacos are full of flavour and make the most of seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy them hot or cold and it is easy to alter the recipe to feed as many mouths as possible.

    • Salmon lasagne

      Who said that lasagne can only be made with beef or vegetables? Salmon lasagne is a great way to enjoy the fish with pasta – which is always a great pairing – but in a different way to usual pasta bakes. It’s also incredibly easy to make, as this recipe from Ginger and Olives shows. Whether you make individual lasagnes or a big one for the whole family, this meal is ideal for spring and can be served with a number of sides.


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