What Type of Spring Cleaner Are You?

by Tefal Team on 20 March 2017
  • March is here, which means spring is in the air, and you know what that means – spring cleaning. Yes, it’s the time of year when you have the excuse to have a big clear out and make sure your house is spick and span from top to bottom after the winter season, which apparently is dirtier than other seasons.

    There’s no denying that the world goes a bit mad with the cleaning at this time of year, so you’ll soon be inundated with offers for spray bleach, rubber gloves and bin bags. But just how many of us actually get our hands dirty with a spot of spring cleaning once March or April come around?

    Are you the type of person who takes the whole thing seriously, has a quick go over with the hoover or sacks off spring cleaning completely? There are a lot of different types of cleaners out there but we seem to see them a bit more clearly at this time of year. So rather than getting started with your housework, why don’t you try and work out what type of spring cleaner you are?

  • 'Military precision' cleaner

  • There’s no such thing as haphazard cleaning in your house. You know exactly what you’re doing next and where you want everything to go – including the family members you have enlisted to help/get in the way.

    You have a system that is foolproof and has done the job for the last few years, helping you to tackle dirt, get rid of rubbish and bark orders with the best of them. There is no carpet left un-vacuumed and no area under the bed left cluttered because your plan is the best plan.

    In fact, once you’re finished with the cleaning, you may start to notice that one of the walls in the living room is looking a bit stained and could do with a lick of paint. This means the foolproof decorating system needs to be brought back.

  • 'Throw everything in the cupboard and hope for the best' cleaner

  • You really want to get into the whole spring cleaning spirit but it just seems like a lot of hard work. Saying that, you do also appreciate a tidy house, even if yours has a more ‘lived-in’ than super smart feel to it.

    You’ll give the whole spring cleaning thing a go, but without a solid plan of action, you’re invariably left with a pile of stuff in the middle of the floor that you don’t know what to do with. This will either stay where it is for a while, get bagged up with the intention of sorting through it all at a later date or get thrown into a cupboard and forgotten about until you think emptying your cupboards is a good idea.

    This means you’re left with a house that looks neat and tidy for the most part but has a messy secret hiding behind closed doors. Then again, if you can’t see it, is it really untidy?

  • 'I'll do it eventually' cleaner

  • Procrastination is your middle name and Netflix is your main weakness. The idea of having a big spring clean appeals to you, but when it comes to your day off, the sofa and your laptop just look so much more inviting. After all, why clean when you could be doing absolutely anything else?

    You’re used to a bit of mess – is it really that bad? – so it doesn’t really phase you. You’d rather have a quick tidy up when people are popping around than spend hours doing the full house just because the season changed.

    Then again, your living room could do with a big sort out, but there is that new series you’ve been meaning to watch for a week…

  • 'Who even spring cleans any more?' cleaner

  • Wait, people actually still spring clean? You thought that was only something that happened in movies from the 1950s. Why would anyone spend all that time doing a full clear out and clean down of their house, especially when they can just keep it tidy in the first place?

    Yes, your house is usually ordered but you don’t mind a bit of mess. You tend to do a spot of housework on most days to keep up with things or do a big clean on a weekend so it’s over and done with. There is no way you’d use the excuse of spring for a thorough clean, especially as this is when the weather finally starts to get a bit better so you can go out more.

    You’re happy to leave the spring cleaning to the movies and get on with more important things.

  • 'Can't clean won't clean, not even in spring' cleaner

  • It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, if you can still see carpet, there is no way you’re going to clean. Why waste time doing housework when there is so much more you can do?

    Sure, you may never be able to have people over without uttering the phrase ‘sorry about the mess’ or your partner may nag you repeatedly, but there are bigger things to worry about. You’ll get around to sorting through the rubbish, doing the dishes and washing clothes eventually, but if you don’t need to, what’s the point?

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