U is for Under the Sea

by Tefal Team on 10 January 2017
  • Get out your fishing rod, don the wellies (even watching Robson Green’s Fishing Adventures wouldn’t hurt) and prepare to hook yourself some top tips for prepping, cooking and enjoying your catch of the day.

    If you often find yourself in hot water when cooking seafood, these Tefalphabet tips are for you. Your family and friends will be so impressed next time you cook there will be no need to fish for compliments. Take our tips on board, give the fab fishy recipes below a try, and your next dinner party is sure to go swimmingly.

  • Now that you’re in the know, why not try out your newly acquired skills. We’ve trawled the web for the best blog recipes so all you need to do is cast your eyes over these delicious fish dishes… and enjoy!

    • Super speedy fish curry

      Nothing beats a curry, especially now when something warm and comforting wards off the cold winter nights. Anne’s Kitchen serves up this super speedy (and very delicious) fish curry, paired with ginger, tamarind and coconut milk and finished off with a crispy-skinned cod.

    • Salmon and sweet potato traybake

      Who says healthy food cannot be tasty? With roasted veg and succulently flaky salmon we’d say that this traybake from Well Worn Whisk has certainly delivered on both. To top it off it’s also super quick and easy to make.

    • Crispy dover sole with garlic lemon

      When you have quality fish to cook with, it’s best to let it sing and not overload it with too many flavours. With Queen of Tart’s recipe, the Dover sole is the hero of the dish and is just finished off with some fresh herbs, lemon and just a little kick of chili.

    • Tandoori Sea bass

      If you find the thought of cooking a whole fish daunting, then look no further than The Curry Guy’s super easy, super quick Tandoori sea bass. Taking just 10 minutes under the grill to cook, this is perfect for a quick dinner plus you can mix it up by substituting the sea bass for salmon, trout or bream.

    • Whole mackerel with orange butter

      If you enjoy bold flavours then you’ll love Cook Sister’s whole mackerel recipe. Paired perfectly with orange butter, it’s a mix of healthy oily fish with sinfully delicious, buttery goodness!

  • Don’t feel out of plaice in the kitchen. Check out more from our Tefalphabet series to up your cooking skills, one letter at a time.

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