What Should You Say 'Yes' to This Year?

by Tefal Team on 09 January 2017
  • Too often, our New Year resolutions are all about saying no to things. We say no to chocolate – or try to – unhealthy foods and laziness in a bid to get healthier over the next 12 months. Not only can this be quite difficult to maintain, it isn’t all that fun – after all, what’s life without the odd chocolate bar?

    This new year, instead of denying yourself the things you love, say ‘yes’ to more things and still be healthier. Making healthy choices can still mean indulging and this can actually make it easier to stick to a new routine and see positive changes.

    If you want to start 2017 off in a good way, why not try saying ‘yes’ to some of these things? You’ll probably be really happy you did.

  • Say yes to 'takeaways'

  • You don’t need to dial your local takeaway to eat your favourite Chinese, Indian or Thai dish. Fakeaways help you to enjoy the food you love but with less calories and fewer unhealthy ingredients.

    Yes, it may be easy to place an order via phone or using an app, but this can hit your wallet in a bad way over time, as well as your healthy eating regime. Instead, you can try making the takeaways you love in your own kitchen, keeping everyone happy at a much smaller cost.

    You can make it even simpler by using the Cook4Me, which has some fantastic recipes that can be made in as little as 30 minutes for up to six people. Simply follow the instructions and then leave things to cook and you’ll be tucking into a delicious fakeaway in no time.

  • Say yes to crispy chips

  • Sometimes all you really want is some comfort food, and what’s better for that than a plate of crispy chips? Whether you like yours with ketchup, controversial mayo or go a bit mad and team them with barbecue sauce – we’re not judging – chips are a great fall-back food.

    However, they are far from healthy if you cook them in your deep-fat fryer or bake them with loads of oil in the oven. This doesn’t mean you need to give them up, though, as there is a healthy way to cook your chips to perfection.

    Use an ActiFry to get crispy and delicious chips quickly and with using minimal oil. This makes your comfort food cooking, quick, easy and healthy. On top of that, you can cook almost anything in your ActiFry, making 2017 that little bit easier.

  • Say yes to juicy burgers

  • Whether you enjoy popping to your local fast food place or enjoy heading to a gourmet restaurant, nothing hits the spot quite like a good burger. Just as with any other meal out, burgers can be fairly unhealthy – especially if you like yours served up with plenty of cheese, fancy sauces and bacon – with the meat usually being quite fatty. This can mean your favourite burger might leave you feeling a bit guilty if you’re trying to behave yourself this year.

    Rather than grabbing a burger on the go or at a restaurant, whip up your own fancy options at home. You can make the meat healthier, as well as any sides, by cooking everything on an OptiGrill.

    The OptiGrill not only adapts the cooking time to account for the thickness of what you’re cooking, the slanted grill drains away excess fat so your food doesn’t cook in it, which means it isn’t soaking it back up. This results in delicious burgers that are cooked to perfection and a lot healthier. You can even use it to cook your bacon!

  • Say yes to more free time

  • No one wants to spend every spare hour in the kitchen making the family meals or catching up on housework, so why not say yes to more free time this year?

    All of these cooking methods can save you a lot of time when whipping up something delicious, not to mention being easy and quick to wash up when you’re done. This time can be spent doing almost anything, whether this is trying out skydiving, swimming with sharks or just catching up on your favourite show.

    You could free up more time with housework solutions, such as using a high pressure steam generator iron to speed through your pile of ironing. Even if something only saves you five minutes, this is an extra five minutes that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

    We think this is definitely enough of a reason to say ‘yes’ to more things this year.

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