K is for Quinoa

by Tefal Team on 29 December 2016
  • Move over rice! See ya later couscous! There’s a new player on the scene and it means business. Quinoa is the super grain that’s gaining more and more popularity and it’s not hard to see why. Full of vitamins and minerals, it’s high in protein and a great wheat-free alternative. Not only is it rocking the health benefits, quinoa is also very versatile. Great in both savoury and sweet dishes, it can be eaten at any time of the day.

  • While we probably lost you with all this ‘health food’ talk, hopefully these deliciously mouth-watering quinoa creations will bring you back as it really is a fantastically versatile ingredient.

    • Beet salad with carrot, quinoa & spinach

      Cookie & Kate shows how to easily cook quinoa perfectly but it was her colourful beet salad with carrot, quinoa & spinach that got our attention. Vibrant, healthy and oh, so delicious! Perfect for those January lunch boxes.

    • Vanilla cardamon quinoa pudding

      Quinoa isn’t as common in sweet dishes, but we are loving Coffee & Quinoa’s vanilla cardamon quinoa pudding. Not just for dessert, this pudding could also be eaten for breakfast as they are not overly sweet. The honey and vanilla flavours pair beautifully with a texture not unlike rice pudding.

    • Quinoa with roasted garlic mushrooms & eggs

      Brunch is served with The Eating Tree’s quinoa with roasted garlic mushrooms and eggs. Looks as good as it tastes and has everything you need to get you through the day. Although, we wouldn’t mind if we had this for lunch or dinner either!

    • Creamy quinoa porridge

      With cold, frosty mornings upon us, nothing beats a hot bowl of delicious porridge to warm you up. Naturally Sassy’s creamy quinoa porridge is a great alternative; the addition of cashew butter is inspired. Adding protein-packed quinoa to your breakfast is a great way to fill up and stop you reaching for the snacks mid-morning.

    • Coconut oil chocolate with quinoa pops

      When you think of quinoa, your mind doesn’t necessarily jump to chocolate but Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen has managed to whip up some very tempting chocolate bars with the addition of quinoa. Clean eating never tasted so delicious!

    • Clean eating quinoa funfetti salad

      The bright colours of this funfetti quinoa salad created by The Kitchen Shed just drew our attentions immediately. This is a great side dish when you just want something fresh, light and delicious to accompany a rich or spicy main or perfect on its own as a light lunch.

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