Do You Do Christmas Right or Wrong?

by Tefal Team on 06 December 2016
  • Every family has a set of traditions when it comes to Christmas, which can cause a few problems when trying to combine them with people who have their own customs surrounding 25th December.

    We tend to get a bit precious with our traditions, especially if someone tries to get you to change them. Couples can fall out, families can be divided and in-laws can get in a huff, because at the end of the day, we all think we do Christmas properly.

  • Even if you make compromises, you know that you’re actually doing something wrong, which can make for an interesting discussion the following year when it comes to trying to get your own way.

    We’d love to hear about your great Christmas traditions and how you make sure they happen. Tweet us @TefalUK or let us know on Facebook and your Christmas traditions could be featured on our blog.

    Here’s the things we think are important to get ‘right’ on Christmas Day…

  • A perfect time for presents

  • Everybody knows that presents are the first order of Christmas Day. There’s none of this after breakfast or – even worse – after dinner malarkey. Gifts should be unwrapped when you’re still in your PJs first thing in the morning. If you don’t have any little ones running around, it might be acceptable to pour a glass of bucks fizz first, but don’t be too long about it.

    It’s okay to save presents from Grandma or extended family until later on in the day, but we all know there’s nothing worse than having to wait to open everything – even if you are over the age of 11.

    Also, presents are for Christmas Day, not Christmas Eve. How are you meant to open a gift before Father Christmas has even delivered them?!

  • Breakfast of champions

  • When it comes to breakfast, nothing sets you up for the fun and festivities of Christmas Day quite like the treats that Santa puts in your stocking.

    Whether you tuck into some chocolate coins, try and be healthy with a tangerine – although let’s face it, most of us don’t even bother taking that out of the stocking until we can sneak it back in the fruit bowl – or get spoilt for choice with a selection box, breakfast on Christmas Day is indulgent.

    You might plan to whip up a special festive breakfast, but if you can’t crack open a tube of Pringles and a box of Celebrations before 10am on Christmas Day, when can you?

  • Lunch or dinner?

  • One of the biggest differences between families is when the turkey is carved. Some have their full roast at lunch, tucking into the cheeseboard and pickles when hunger strikes later on, while others wait until the evening to enjoy their festive feast.

    There may have been those years when your mum contemplated changing the time of the Christmas meal, but you soon put a stop to that because you know when you should be tucking into tasty turkey and stuffing and no other time of day will do.

    Of course, you might end up marrying into a family who go out for their Christmas meal, which can seriously throw a spanner into the works…

  • Getting dolled up

  • Have you ever spent Christmas at someone else’s house only to feel out of place in an outfit that would have been perfectly fine at home?

    Whether you dress to the nines, pull on your comfiest Christmas jumper or have an embarrassing tradition that sees you in a photo with the rest of your family wearing matching cardigans that no one is allowed to ask about – ever – Christmas Day has a strict dress code that must be stuck to.

    Even if you simply stay in your PJs all day, you ensure you’ve got a new pair especially so you look your best.

  • To pub or not to pub?

  • Once you’ve opened the present, undone the top button on your trousers and eaten your weight in mince pies after saying you’ll just have the one, it’s time to settle in for the evening. Some of us do this at home with the Christmas special of Doctor Who – which most people won’t remember as everyone falls asleep so you record it anyway and rewatch it Boxing Day.

    However, others may pop down to the local for a pint or two, a good natter with friends and family and a session of comparing what Christmas gifts you got. What better way to show off that pair of shoes from your partner that you had to remind them about for three months straight and then still had to buy for yourself?

    You’ll probably still end up in front of the TV with your dad snoring and then trying to convince everyone he wasn’t asleep, he was just resting his eyes. If that’s not a sign of a good Christmas, we don’t know what is.

    Let us know what strange traditions your family has when it comes to Christmas.


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