I is for Is That Hot Enough?

by Tefal Team on 11 October 2016
  • Curry is one of the most popular meals in the UK, with hoards of people enjoying a madras or jalfrezi on a regular basis.

    There are thousands of restaurants and takeaways across the country serving up their own versions of popular favourites, as well as supermarket aisles dedicated to quick and easy curry at home.

    While all of this can make it pretty simple to enjoy your favourite spicy dinner whenever you feel like it, there are a couple of downsides.

  • For starters, the curry you get in restaurants and from takeaways may not always be the healthiest option, so your weekly curry night could be impacting your waistline and overall health. They also can be quite expensive, as are great pre-made sauce or paste from the supermarket, so your wallet might feel a bit of a hit too.

    However, curries really aren’t too difficult to whip up at home, even if you don’t have a lot of time of experience. One of the simplest ways to make curry easy is to make your own curry paste.

    You might be thinking that this sounds far from easy, but in actual fact, you can make a curry paste in a matter of minutes, mixing up the spices you use based on whether you like a spicy Indian-style dish or prefer aromatic Thai curries.

  • It’s even easy to make your curry pastes have different heats, so you can ensure that the final meal won’t leave steam coming out of your ears. You still want to ensure your paste has a bit of a kick, though, otherwise you could risk losing the flavour when add everything else into your kadai pan.

    Once you have your paste, it’s simple to add some spice to your meat, fish or vegetables and create a deliciously rich curry sauce – which will also be healthier and come with no additives.

    What’s even better is that any spare curry paste can be put in a jar and stored in your fridge ready for the next time you want curry – although it’s important to note that it won’t last forever!

  • When have your curry paste good to go, you could be dishing up a homemade, delicious meal in no time at all.

    Don’t believe us? Our partners at Atelier des Chefs have some brilliant recipes – as well as helping us with our great curry tips – that will help you create some delicious curries in your own home and could mean you never need to order takeaway again!

    From vegetarian aubergine and long bean curry to curried chicken with butternut squash and turnip, everyone in the family is sure to be asking for seconds, so make sure you have some extra.

    Now you know what to do when you want to make a curry at home, the only question you need to ask is: is that hot hot enough?!

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