What Do Your Ironing Habits Say About You?

by Tefal Team on 03 October 2016
  • The way your clothes look at the end of the day can reveal a lot about you. Whether you’ve just commuted to work, gone on a hike or have wrangled your kids, every crease tells a story.

    However, it isn’t just the way your crease your clothes that can be revealing, as the way you actually do your ironing can let people know a thing or too. You may not think it, but the way you approach your pile of ironing might provide some insight into your personality.

    Don’t believe us? Here are some common ironing habits and what they could mean about those who engage in them:

  • Sunday afternoon power through

    You’ve done your washing from the past week and everything is dry and ready to go. All you need is a cup of tea to fortify you, your phone on hand just in case Lynne gives you a call and last night’s X Factor on the box.

    Once you’ve got all these things at the ready, you’re off and nothing can stop you. You are an ironing machine and no trouser crease is too tough for you.

    You are the determined ironer who has the patience, stamina and skill to steam that pile of clothes into submission, leaving nothing but neatly folded stacks of laundry in your wake. These are the qualities you take with you everywhere and that get you through any difficult situation with ease.

    If a week’s worth of ironing in a few hours with the odd skim of Facebook can’t stop you, nothing will.

  • Early morning as and when

    You know you need to do the ironing but as far as you’re concerned, there are more interesting things to do. Those TV shows aren’t going to watch themselves and that pint down the pub definitely isn’t going to drink itself.

    Who wants to be doing the ironing when you have friends to meet up with and fun things to do?

    Before you know it, you need a shirt, which means having to face your nemesis and get out the ironing board in the semi-darkness while desperately trying to drink your coffee. But it isn’t as bad as you remember, you get that shirt ironed quickly and efficiently and before you know it, you’re out the door looking smart.

  • You promise yourself that you won’t let the ironing pile up again and you’ll get it all done as soon as your washing in dry. But then you get distracted, just like you did with the washing up, halfway through that film and when you were determined to cook that recipe you found.

    There’s always something a bit more interesting than ironing, but at least you get it done when you need it.

  • It's meant to be creased

    You’re pretty sure there’s an iron somewhere in your house, maybe gathering dust under the sink or in the boiler cupboard. However, you’re also almost certain that you don’t have an ironing board stashed away somewhere.

    It doesn’t matter anyway, because all of your clothes are either crease-proof or are meant to be worn with a criss-cross of lines over the front of it. You’re a maverick and you don’t need to live by anyone’s un-creased rules.

  • What’s the point in ironing if you’re just going to wear your clothes anyway? In fact, what’s the point in hanging your clothes up or putting them in drawers? It’s so much easier to find what you need when your clean clothes are piled on that one chair in your bedroom that you have no real use for.

    It doesn’t matter that you need to close the bedroom door when you have company, because that’s life. It’s the same reason no one can go in your bag, kitchen cupboards or any wardrobe in your house. Things are meant to be disordered.

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